Jacquie Banks

Here is Jacquie's Description of her Classes at Lakeway:

Attached are the following regarding my recent graduation from
Lakeway Police Department's 12th Citizens' Police Academy:

There were 30 of us who committed to attend a 3-hour class each
Wednesday from 6 to 9pm for 14 consecutive weeks.  If you missed two
classes, you did not graduate.  4 out of our 30 did not make it through
for various reasons. Before we could be accepted into this program, we
had to pass background checks.  (I was a bit concerned about being
admitted as my license plates say "X HIP E" but I guess they looked past

Class topics were:
1)  Welcome and Orientation; CPA Alumni Association; History of Policing
2)  Policing: Recruitment, Training and Patrol
3)  Communications and Technology; Tactical Building Searches &
Active Shooter Response
4)  Traffic, Traffic Stop (practical)
5)  DUI (Driving While Intoxicated (practical)
6)  Narcotics
7)  Animal Protection & Wildlife Rescue; K-9 operations
8)  Criminal Investigation; Crime Scene Investigation (practical)
9)  Psychological effects of Policing for Officers; Use of Force; Weapons
Used in Law Enforcement
10)  Firearms Simulation (practical)
11)  Texas Courts and Corrections Systems
12)  Travis County Jail Tour
13)  Compression Training and First Aid; Crime Prevention
14)  Graduation; Alumni Association presentation

What is not mentioned here is that we could also ask to do a Ride-Along
with an officer as he was patrolling. I got a 6-10pm shift that was a
thrilling and eye-opening experience.  I got to see up close and personal
that Chief Radford hires officers that know how to diffuse a possibly
intense situation through verbal directives rather than relying on
physical or belligerent or intimidating means.  Plus these guys need to
know the law as they decide what stops/arrests will actually stand up in

*  Practical indicates a very hands-on experience.  For instance, the DUI
night had us put on goggles that effectively made our mental, physical
and response times judgment as if we were "drunk" and we had to drive
a golf cart through a curving route between orange cones.  (I ran over
some cones).

This was a very rewarding experience and I didn't want it to end.  These
professionals put their lives on the line every day and possibly several
times a day ... just to keep us safe in Lakeway.  It was a thrill for me on
the Ride-Along but I sat in the vehicle and my safety was never
compromised ... as the officer's was.

What Chief Radford wants to do in the future is have those of us who
have graduated from this "academy" to evenutally take more
comprehensive "CERT" training and possibly be their eyes and ears in
other patrol situations:  maybe walk our parks or drive our subdivisions
and call in whenever we see something amiss.  We would certainly not
have authority to interact with anyone but just look and listen for
something just not quite right and call it in.

Many thanks,
Jacquie Banks  ("Sue Ann Banks, BHS Class of 1960"
Solos Activities Chair 2013, 2014
ABOVE AND BEYOND ... licensed REALTOR since 1986!                
512.638.0484 cell
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