Synchronistic Meet-Up! - 2013
Tom Raguse took Martha (Marty) Hooper
Greenberg and
me to the Brasserie 19 for lunch in
September to celebrate Marty's 70th birthday (she's
one of the younger 70 year olds!). As we were getting
up to leave, a man at the next table said, "Aren't you
Gail Reaben?". I looked at him and it was
Dyess ('59)!
Fortunately I had my camera with me
and am so glad to be able to do a Meet-Up myself!

Emails: Glynn Dyess
(doesn't have one), Marty
Hooper  Tom Raguse      Gail
TOP/ Down:
Martha Hooper, Martha
Hooper, Kay Wadsworth,
Roy Bobo; Kay Clouse, Pat
Wiper; Nancy Guillot,
Linda Bunn, Gail Reaben,
Chuck Redmond;
Larry Nordyke, Ann Cleary,
The Big 70
A Short Film
by Gail Reaben

    Pat Ori

Pat now lives in Potsdamn, NY.  email:
Just looking at all the wonderful photos of the 70th birthday party and
remembering. . . .  Have not been to Houston since 1975 when I  moved to
New York State.  I retired in 2004 where I had been the Executive
Secretary to the President and CEO of Canton-Potsdam Hospital.  Loved
the job and the people. Also owned my own catering service on the side
and when I retired ran the kitchen of a local B&B.  Loved that also.  

I take classes for seniors at State University of New York in Potsdam.  
Wonderful program, much involvement and no tests!  Did not want
responsibility of a house so moved into a 55+ Senior Community here and
love it.  Gives me the freedom of not worrying about house upkeep.  Also
volunteer for Community Performance Series which is part of Crane School
of Music located on SUNY campus.  You get free tickets to performances
when you volunteer.  

Sorry I missed the 70th Birthday Bash in Houston but I celebrated my 70th
with friends in New York City.  I go into the city twice a year and keep up
with friends there.  I am a city girl at heart though living in a rural area.  I do
miss Houston and think of it often and with good memories.
Pat's email:
70th Birthday
Photos: Click
> > >
Click here: YouTube:
February, 2013. L/R: Linda Schnatterer, Barbara Tucker,
Cynthia Fulton, Beth Breedlove, Beverly Hilliard
('61), Linda
, Jari Kendall. Front Row: Lucinda Hunnicutt, Jane
. Photo by Lucinda Hunnicutt.
L/R: Jari Kendall, Mopsy Smithers, Helaine Wayne, Elizabeth White,
Judye Galeener.
Photo by Lucinda Hunnicutt
 Clint Morrow

Clint Morrow lives in Bluff Dale, Texas email:
My life has not been boring (married three times, helped raise 5 kids and put 4 through
college, have had careers in  5 different industries ( funeral, commercial construction,
home building, cemetery mgtment & sales, real estate sales & mgtment.  I have held state
licenses in funeral directing, insurance and real estate.  My wife(Rev. Carol Woods) of 24
yrs. is a United Methodist minister and we raise Rocky Mountain Horses at our home in
the country outside of greater downtown Bluff Dale, Texas.  I love to play golf and divide
my time these days between taking care of our horses, managing our rental property,
keeping up with our kids and grand kids(4 and 1 due in Aug.) and playing golf at least 1
day a week.  Other than that I don't do too much these days, just really enjoying my
retirement and thanking God everyday for my wife,kids, grand kids and my good health.  

Sometimes I'm amazed how I have been able to survive all I have been through in my life.  
I also forgot to mention another really exciting career in my life.  I was involved in forming

Read more>>

Delia Lloyd '60 and Sister Diana Lloyd '61
L to R: Dinah, Delia                       L to R: Delia, Dinah
A short current update:  My husband and I are still serving on the
leader board for Houston Faith Church.  It has been a blessing for
the last nine years.  My youngest niece, Annde Loyd, from Burleson,
has been with us this first year out of college to teach at Red
Elementary in Willowbend.  It has been so much fun to have the next
generation working in the area we grew up and HISD.  My sister
Dinah and her husband Jack Anderson (Class of '61), now live in
Wilson, NC, with their daughter and three grandchildren.
email:   Dinah's email:
We live a pretty simple life here in the Texas Hill Country. I have taken about
20 cruises since April 2005, mainly out of Galveston, but also to Hawaii,
Alaska, Panama Canal and from Barcelona to Galveston. We also enjoy our 5
granddaughters, one grandson and one great grandson in Kerr county, San
Antonio and Parker, CO!

I retired from Texaco in 1997 at age 55 when we were living in Colorado, and
we moved to
Center Point, TX, in November 1999 and are settled here for
good. I have been doing volunteer work and staying active in church and
several other organizations that involve interaction with people that give me a
very full and rewarding life.
Martha (Martha Lillian Keith, Class of 1961)
and I celebrated our 49th anniversary on August 31, 2012.

God bless you all and it is good to be back in Texas after living and working
for 21 years in Tulsa and Denver.

Gary and Barbara Kott
Doing better than deserve. My lovely wife of 50+
years has really not changed since I married her.
Still loves her horses and grand kids. Living on
lake in
Bentwater on Lake Conroe. Jerry
lives out here as well. I am down to one
board and enjoying golf, flyfishing, dove shooting
in Argentina, bonefishing and our farm, which we
have owned now for 32 years.
Gary's email:
Pat McCarroll and Gary Kott. Photo by Mike
Pat McCarroll
Gary Kott
From 60 Miinutes television
Steve Kroft, David
Berg, Morley Safer - - - - -
promoting David's new book,
Run, Brother Run
. If you
haven't read it yet, it's
available at any bookstore or I know David
would love to hear any
comments you have on his
exciting new book:
Cinda Hunnicutt and Pat Erwin, who both look like
they are no older than 40 years old
, at the Christmas
Christmas 2013 Luncheon
It was a huge success and a great turnout, thanks to the
organizing skills of
Judye Galeener and Jane
2014:  Dustin Kaufman, Stanley Kaufman's
super  talented son, got his undergraduate
degree from The New School, his Master of
Music from the Manhattan School of Music and
his Master of Education from Columbia
University. He recently signed with the hot
St. Lucia, recently seen on the Jimmy
Kimmel Show. They will be doing a world tour
this year! To see a 30 sec clip of him
Click Here.  Notice the squealing
females in the background! His first published
music critic reviewer called him "Phenomenal"!
Also he is on the Rolling Stone Magazine's
website. Stanley's email is
Jane Henson and A.C. Campbell aboard
the Crown Princess on a cruise to Cancun,
Cozumel and Belize, by the Class of 1959
last Spring.
Dick Hanson ('59) and wife Kathy on the same
Cancun, Cozumel, Belize cruise last Spring! FYI, she
and Jane Henson have been friends since the first
Claire Shirley ('59) and her friend Roberto Olvera on
the Crown Princess to Cancun, Belize and Cozumel.
A. C. Campbell, Joel Battle and wife Judy in Cancun.
Jimmy Treybig ('59) and wife Drew on the Crown
Princess Cruise to Cancun Cruise and other fun

We are so happy to announce
the marriage this past summer
of our adopted 1961 Class
Robert Finley and
Dianna McCormick.  
Robert's email:
Our classes are a traveling
bunch! Here's
Hooper and husband Les
at the
Excelsior Hotel in Rome
where they stopped on their
Oceania Cruise of Lisbon,
Portugal,  Florence, Monte
Carlo, Marseille, Barcelona,
and Cartagena, thru the
Strait of Gibraltar.
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