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Maura Silberman
Sheila Branscum Photo from
Sydney Smith's scrapbook
Joan Soehnlein
June Smith, 1955, Seventh grade. Photo by Sydney
. Judye talked to her and found out she's still
teaching at St. Stephen's school, where she had
previously been the principal for 5 years, and she is just
out of the hospital for hip replacement surgery . Bet she
would love to have some Get Well and Get Boppin' With
That New Hip-emails from old friends!
Brad McWilliams has just
had a YMCA named for him!
here to see story in the Houston
Brad's email is:
Photo by Gail
Kay Clouse, 1956   Photo by Gail
     Where art thou?
Some old frirends we haven't heard from in a long
time!  Let us hear from you! Gail
Robert Finley, Gail Reaben
Both from Class of '61 but we've
adopted them! Robert Finley:
Trish Smith:
Tom Newell           email:
Linda Collins and I were married September 4, 1964 after Linda had graduated from Texas Christian University
and I had graduated from the US Naval Academy. We moved to Pensacola, Florida where I began flight training.
Following several moves within the US Navy Training Command, I received my wings as a Naval Aviator in April
There is much more to the story, so please click here  Stories Continued, Page 6
Sherry Roth  email:
My husband, Norman, and I moved to Savannah in
1968/69, five years after we married with our first two
daughters. Being a native Houstonian (and being glad that
I was!) I was none too happy about leaving my family and
friends. But I thought that was what I was supposed to
do...follow my husband.  Savannah is his home and he was
happy to be back.  I was soon hired to teach Language
Arts and Social Studies at the Savannah Hebrew Day
School.  The school was housed in the Jewish Educational
Alliance, the Jewish Community center here, which was
great for me.  Not only did my daughters go to pre-school
there, I worked in the same building, meeting so many
people right away that Savannah soon felt like home. (Kind
of...) And our third daughter was born here. To read more
of Sherry's story, click here:
Stories Continued, Page 6
Photo from my 13th birthday party, December 29, 1955. Front far left is David Everton, (email:  Middle left back, Jack Grazier and Bob Karose (I think).

FRONT CENTER: L/R:  Boy  bopping with white shirt and and dark pants, ???_________.  
That's me in the middle with the bangs and Jay Walrath bopping  to
Hearts of Stone!  Go Jay!  
Jay's email:
Next to Jay, Far right, is Maura Silberman and her email is:
The First Prize Winner for the
Classmate who has travelled the fartherest to
have the ultimate
MeetUp is Judye Galeener
She and Alfred Lowey-Ball (who
had just returned to Belgium from Germany a
few hours before he got her email from
Amsterdam) hooked up in
Belgium in April!
Next time you're off for a weekend of longer,
be sure and check our BHS Map to see if a
classmates lives where you are going! If you've
moved and I haven't changed your city, please
let me know!  
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