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Tom Newell  

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We were assigned to Attack Squadron 153 (VA 153) in Lemoore, California and were stationed in Lemoore until December 1968. While there I
made 3 deployments to Vietnam flying A4 aircraft from the aircraft carriers USS Constellation (CVA 64) and USS Coral Sea (CVA 43). Linda
taught English to children of migrant workers and Native Americans in Lemoore during one of those deployments while “following the ship”
throughout the western Pacific during a second deployment. She lived in Baguio City in the Philippines for about 6 months taking jaunts to Subic
Bay, Hong Kong, and to Japan to meet and greet us when we came into port. She has LOTS of fun and some scary tales to tell.

From January 1969 through June 1971 Linda and I were stationed in Washington, D.C. while I was assigned to the Bureau of Naval Personnel.
Linda worked for the National Park Service for a while as a computer programmer and then became a stay at home mom to care for new
additions to our family. Our first son was born in June 1970 and our second came along in June 1971.

Our next assignment took us to Jacksonville, Florida where I was assigned to Attack Squadron 12 (VA 12) flying A7E aircraft from the aircraft
carrier USS Independence (CV 62). Aboard Independence I made one deployment to the Mediterranean in 1973-1974.

In 1974 I resigned from active military duty and Linda and I moved back to Houston. I went to work for Shell Oil Company as a computer
programmer and after a year or so Linda resumed her teaching role in Fort Bend County. In 1977 I resumed my affiliation with Naval Aviation as
a Reserve Officer flying A4, A7 and T39 aircraft from the Naval Air Station (Alvin Callender Field) in New Orleans, Louisiana. Then in 1979 Shell
moved Linda and me to Shell’s Credit Card Processing Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I worked in a variety of assignments as a Supervisor and
Manager while Linda first taught math at Broken Arrow High School, then reentered computer programming with Seismograph Services Corp.

In 1982 we moved back to Houston with Shell where I was assigned to Shell’s Information Center close to the Astrodome. Linda worked for
Global Marine as a computer programmer and then went to work for Methodist Hospital as a computer systems programmer.  In 1987 after
completing 20 years of active and reserve service I retired from the Navy as a Captain (O6).

In 1989 Linda and I moved to the Hague, the Netherlands on an expatriate assignment to the Royal Dutch Shell Central Offices. We spent a
really fun two years there traveling all over Europe enjoying all the history and many, many sites on the continent and in England, Ireland and

We returned to the US in 1991, and I resumed working for Shell Oil Company USA in various management jobs associated with computing
systems. Linda returned to her previous job with Methodist Hospital.

Our older son Robert completed his undergraduate work at the University of Texas and moved to Washington State to pursue an advanced
degree at the University of Washington. Our younger son David graduated from the University of Houston with a degree in Creative Writing.
After also attending UT’s Law School, he is now an Asst. DA in Harris County’s appellate division.

Linda and I retired in September 1999 shortly after our younger son David married Shayne Hurst, a beautiful young lady he had met in law

We headed for the mountains of Colorado to enjoy the outdoors – backpacking, downhill skiing, hiking, touring. We settled in Fort Collins for a
year. While there, we were invited by friends to visit them in Buffalo, Wyoming. We agreed we’d found a really fine place to live and do all of the
outdoors stuff we like. Buffalo is nestled against the eastern slope of the Big Horn Mountains affording very quick access to the Big Horn
National Forest and the Cloud Peak Wilderness area.

During the 12 years we have lived in Buffalo I’ve become an EMT serving with the local ambulance service and I’ve served as a member of the
YMCA and the Airport Boards of Directors. Linda’s work for the local Jim Gatchell Museum has introduced us to a fascinating learning adventure
about the Johnson County War (the theme of the movie “Heaven’s Gate”) and Red Cloud’s War in the 1800’s.

Our older son Robert, who lives and works now in Austin, has joined us several times for skiing trips and has used our home as a jumping off
point for his trekking jaunts through the Wind Rivers, the Tetons and the Cloud Peak Wilderness. On one trip I managed to join him in a climb to
the 13,500 foot top of Cloud Peak itself. Whew !!!

Also, and most importantly, son David and his wife Shayne started their family with two sons now ages 8 and 10.

Now approaching 70, we’ve decided that 1700 miles is just too far away from our wonderful family. Having spent these past 12 years trekking
through the Big Horns and seeing the spectacular scenery of the American west, we will move back to Houston. We look forward to being closer
to the grandkids so we can join in all of their fun activities and growing up experiences before they reach the teen years when it’s not “cool” to
be around old folks like grandparents.

We’ve bought a patio home in the Del Webb development in Richmond, TX and expect to close on that home in August 2012. And
that starts what is always such great fun – MOVING!!!!   Linda and I are looking forward to seeing BHS friends at the next social
get- together.  Tom's email:

Sherry Roth

I taught everything from Kindergarten (the most fun I ever had and got paid for!) to fifth through eighth grade Language Arts.  I was there for 24
years.  Then I went to the Public schools for twelve years.  At the end of the 38th year I decided that it was enough and I retired.  I hesitate to
admit that I miss being with kids very much....but I do.

Being retired allowed me time to volunteer even more than I had before.  I have been very active in the Jewish community here, serving on all
kinds of committees.  I was involved with the Savannah Jewish Federation for many years before I became the Chair of Fundraising Campaign
several years ago.  I still am active in the fundraising and cultural events in this community. (I think I have "sucker" written on my forehead.  
Friends know that I rarely say no to a request for help.)

One of the most meaningful things (to me) that I have done here is my work with the Holocaust Remembrance Day Committee and those
events.  I knew many of the survivors who lived here when I first moved to Savannah. I taught many of their children and got to know them well.  I
taught my Middle School students about the Holocaust all my years at the Day School and I have had the honor of speaking many times about
the Holocaust to lots of schools, churches, local Army bases....anywhere that a speaker is needed I am ready to go. All I ask is how long I am
allowed to speak.

I belong to a small book club with friends that I treasure. I see my grandchildren as often as possible. Savannah has helped me grow personally
and professionally.  Even though I miss Houston, this is home.

Sherry        email:
Clint Morrow

an oil well drilling and production company based in the area around San Antonio.  Things were going great for the first six months until the
great crash in the price of oil in the mid 1980's.  Five years later I had lost everything I had including my second wife and I had to declare
bankruptcy.   Starting all over having lost everything at age 45 was quite devastating to say the least.  I also forgot to mention after high
school I attended Austin College and graduated in 1964 with a degree in Business Administration.

I don't know if you would remember that I was in the mid-term class and we were small in number.  Therefore, I didn't get to know those of
you who were in the normal graduating class even though I stayed over and graduated with your class.  The group I grew up with from
elementary school through high school included many of the outstanding members of the 1960 class.  They included Albert Kidd, Jim
Speights, Brad McWilliams, Greg Lipscomb and John Carter. All of these guys went on to outstanding careers.

We have a website for our horse farm if you want to see what a Rocky Mountain horse looks like.
Pat Ori

considerably since I left Houston and wonder if I could even find my way around! Things change and move forward and so do we.  I keep with the
area on computer.

I do still keep up with Barbara Plummer Sullivan who has been living in Henderson, Nevada since her husband, John, retired.  She is well and they
are busy growing figs and other exotic plant life.  She refuses to use the computer so I e-mail John and Barbara and I talk on the phone about once
a month.  There are classmates in Queensbury, NY which is a couple of hours drive from Potsdam and also New York City.  I should reach out and
contact them and will do so soon.  

I will add as a side note that the North Country has two of the best Barbeque restaurants and one incredible Tex-Mex restaurant you have ever
eaten at.  The Hotel Grande Tex-Mex Bar and Grill opened about 10 years ago and the owner's wife is from Texas where they visit at least once a
year.  Food is equal to what I used to eat in Houston.  Only thing they don't have is Tamales (one of my favorites) so a friend in Brownsville, TX
ships them to me.  Cinco de Mayo is actually celebrated at the restaurant each year and I have fun asking people if they really know what the
celebration is about.  Lots of good and creative answers!!   

Doc Severinsen is performing at Potsdam State College tomorrow night so will go to that.  Now that the colleges are back there will be multiple
concerts and plays, both professional and amateur until spring.