Began volunteering for Support Dogs, Inc. In 1992 I
started raising and training dogs to help people with
disabilities. I am now on my 30th dog. We train dogs
to help people with physical disabilities or who are
deaf or hard of hearing. When we decided to train
'hearing' dogs, I went back to school to obtain a
certificate in Deaf Communications. (I love going to
school). But, my very special love is dogs and working
with disabled children.

Before retirement, I was fortunate to get to do quite a
bit of traveling and to participate in many outdoor
sports like skydiving, motorcycle riding, white water
rafting and canoing as well as hiking the Grand
Canyon and crew sailing. Goal this year is the zip line.

Now I go to the gym, and raise dogs as well as help
with many administrative duties for Support Dogs, Inc.
I also love tutoring in Algebra.

I've married three times...just can't get it right.  Have
three wonderful step-children that I consider my OWN.
Life is good. Had one major scare in 1997 with breast
cancer and that was probably the best thing that ever
happened to me. You truly set your priorities!

Besides dogs helping people, I help women get
started again after coming out of prison (non-violent),
and this has been incredibly rewarding. So, there you
have it. However, I still have vices, but I won't eat
animals. Carol lives in Ellisville, Missouri.   Email

Stories Continued - Page 4
Carol Artz -
George Wolf
Jack Paterson
Back row: Brian Ray (Shepherd) Johnson, Diana Johnson, Ann Cleary, Kathie Hanson, Dick Hanson, Don
Vickrey, Betty Vickrey, Danielle Borland, Jimmy Borland, Pancho Davis, Lyndal Ankenman, Cinda Hunnicutt.
All the wedding photos by our classes' professional photographer, Brian (Shepherd) Johnson.  Brian lives in
San Diego and flew in for the wedding. Thanks, Brian -- the photos are just beautiful!
Pat Hollis
All these black and white
photos are from Carol
Artz's Photo Collection.
Thanks, Carol for sharing
your memories with us!
Sydney Smith
Albert Lowey-Ball and his wife, Natalia.
Jan Stevens. We're sorry to say that Jan passed
away January, 2011 in Houston. For info, Click
Pershing Chatter, High 9th Grade,
1957.  Some familiar names in here!
Gail Reaben, Sydney Smith
Jack Amerman
Jack Amerman
Nancy Van Eaton,  
Pershing, 1954,
Photo by Bobby
Sydney Smith, John Trail
Bobby Jarrard