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Allen is a licensed Affiliate Real Estate Broker in
Tennessee, having graduated from Ohio State
University in 1964. Allen is Past President of the
Memphis Development Foundation, Past President of
the Orpheum Theater of Memphis, Past President of
MIFA (Metropolitan Interfaith Association), Past
President of Beth Sholom Synagogue of Memphis, Past
Vice President of the Memphis Jewish Community
Center, Past member of the City of Memphis Housing
and Facilities Board, and Member of the Leadership
Memphis Class of 1992.

I've been married to Jeri for 45 years.  She sells fine
jewelry with Mednikow Jewelers.  We have two adult
children: Brian, married with 3 kids, attorney and partner
with Arnold & Porter, Washington, DC and Amy, with 2
sons in Memphis. She is in charge of Adult and Teen
Programming at Memphis Jewish Community Center.
I fly fish, boat, and bike ride, when I am not reading.
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Allen Israel - Continued
Ann Alford, Ramona Elbin, Allen Israel, Stanley
Kaufman, Larry Wayne, Arlene Cohen

Jack Jacobs - Continued
My “children,” include my son, Andrew, his wife, Kathy, and our new
granddaughter, Sabine. (We also have a grand-dog, Clara, who is a
long hair miniature dachshund). If I may be permitted to brag, Andrew
holds double degrees from Harvard (BA, 1997, JD, 2002), as does
Kathy (BA, 1997, MBA, 2002). Kathy and Andrew started dating during
junior year of college, and married in 2002. Andrew is currently
general counsel and chief compliance officer of a hedge fund located
in downtown Manhattan, and Kathy is a V.P. at Goldman, Sachs. Like
many two career young couples, they are trying to juggle the
competing demands of jobs and parenthood, in a city that never
sleeps and where the cost of living is high. Fortunately, thus far they
have done well in both departments.

Over time I have reconnected with some (but, unfortunately, not very
many) of our high school classmates. I have encountered David Berg,
Irl Bernstein and Coby Scher at different times on those few occasions
when I have been in Houston. I reconnected with Allen Israel in 1989,
after a two decade hiatus, and we have been close friends ever since
(as we were in Houston). In hindsight, I could have done better in this
regard, and wish I had. If only for that reason, I look forward to
attending the BHS 50th reunion, to reconnect with old friends from our
common childhood.

Email me at:
Andrew and Kathy Jacobs, Grandaughter Sabine and
Grand-Dog Clara
Make about 60 dives a year - mostly in E. Caribbean  (Anguilla,
Saba, Statia) with occasional trips to Mexico, CA, HI. I dive with
digital video. Much marine life has been pixelated.

Other stuff:  Still in love match with UT tennis babe. Live in
Duncanville for past 30+ years. No Kids. Many cars. (Sprechen
Sie Deutsch) Many cats. Much travel - mostly to
home-away-from-home in Anguilla with occasional forays to UK.
or wherever else seems interesting.

David DeBoer -
the war made me want to write a story to tell the world of what I saw and share my thoughts on the events of war. So
I never dreamed there would be so much interest in my book, as it has really done very well worldwide. I have recieved
CONVOY. If you have any interest in this, you can go on the net and pull up, and see a
preview of the book, or go to and look at "books" and enter the title. Just put "Outside the Wire" in the
Search window.  It is available in most bookstores like Barnes and Noble, etc.

That is an upate on me, and I look forward to hearing from any of my friends that remember me.

God Bless You All,     Ron Pennick  
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Ron Pennick - continued
Tom Pennick (far right),  Ronny's older brother who
Tom and Ken live on 40 acres north of Houston with
Tom has two sons, named, Tom Jr. who is a computer
genius that repairs and programs large companies

Tom doesn't have a computer or email but said he
would love to hear from you all!!
 His phone number
is: 936-577-6218
or he said you can write to him:

Tom Pennick
25801 Taliferro Road
Richards, TX  77873
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         Mike Maxwell - Continued

After His service in the military, Mike worked as an administrator and an officer in the insurance industry, working with
Great Southern Life Insurance Company, SCI and Mission Life Insurance.  

In the last years of his life he worked tirelessly for the benefit of his grandson volunteering his time, talent, intelligence,
and humor at The Westview School for autistic children in Houston. He and his wife were known as “Mr. Mike” and
“Mrs. Kay” by the children. There he was loved and respected by parents, teachers and children. He was always ready
with a story, a joke, snappy comebacks and famous for his EXCEL spreadsheets. He loved history and adored
snuggling with his Grandson telling “war” stories and discussing history. He was a font of knowledge and no one dared
play trivia games with him because he always knew the answer.

He lived his life for the loves of his life, his wife of 45 years Kay Jones Maxwell (Bellaire Class of 1962), his son Clifton
Rollin Maxwell, his daughter Marilyn Michele Maxwell and his adored grandson Christopher Michael Maxwell.
Kay Maxwell: