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Don Francisco - Continued

Last summer we took a photo safari to Kenya.  
I had worked there in the '80s and wanted Betty to
see it.  It really was an experience of a lifetime.  
This is a link to the Kenya photo album:

We have a home in a golf course community in the
North Carolina mountains.  In addition, we still follow Tar
Heel basketball with the enthusiasm of 20 year-old
idiots!  Attached is a picture of me on Franklin Street in
Chapel Hill at the celebration of the 2009 NCAA
Basketball Championship win.
Don E. Francisco,  333 Bayberry Drive,  Chapel Hill,
North Carolina  27517
Mike Flanagan - Continued

Mike's Bio: Michael, sculptor and painter is headquartered at the base of the beautiful Big Horn Mountains in north central
Wyoming. Mike is continually inspired by his surroundings - the mountains, ranches, wildlife, and cowboy life.

The appreciation Mike has for Wyoming wildlife is reflected not only in the subject, but anatomical accuracy of the wild sheep,
bison, bear, elk, deer, eagle, blue heron, gray jay, hawk and many other animals he has sculpted.

Mike's career came into full bloom when he was chosen to produce a sculpture of Wyoming rancher Herman Werner for the
National Cowboy Hall of Fame. He was then commissioned to do a 9th British Lancer on horseback for the historic IXL Ranch
near Dayton, Wyoming and four life-size North American Wild Sheep for the North American Sheep Foundation in Cody.

Monumental sculptures continue to accent area ranches from the famed Historic Polo Ranch and entrance of the Powder
Horn Golf Community to the backyards of local residences. His pieces are in private, corporate and municipal collections
throughout North America, Canada and most recently, a life size sculpture of a prominent agriculture producer in Mexico.

Mike's love for the beauty of Wyoming has led him to showcase the landscape and animals through oil painting, completing
several commissions. He is always exploring new subjects and increasing his ability as a sculptor and painter; truly reflecting
the diversity of this cowboy artist.

Email:  Website:  

Mopsy Smithers - Continued

are caregivers of loved ones with
Alzheimers, stroke,  or dementia.  My
ministry received recognition in Texas and recently
by President Bush. There are several ways that I can
serve people who need help in times of loss or crisis.
People from BHS have contacted me regarding
memorial services for loved ones. We share, we
laugh and we cry. So, if you think that would be
appropriate to share on the web site let me know and
I will write something for you.

The friendships from BHS have grown deeper during
the years because of the support of one another
througout life's ups and downs.  

Nancy Mason Sheehan - Continued

birthing overseas!)  All three girls are grown and married and we have 5 wonderful grandchildren in Corpus Christi, and
their blonde, blue-eyed, 11 yr.old daughter, Emily, have adopted a 6 yr.old Chinese girl this year and we adore her.

three year old grandson, named Alessandro, who is fluent in Italian and English! Susan and Francesco own an Italian
restaurant (Trattoria) named Bellino's, in Rockport. It has been open for five years now and Francesco is a true, Italian
chef serving dishes from all regions of Italy.  

Lara, our youngest, and her husband live in San Antonio and are with Wells Fargo Mortgage. They have two beautiful
brown-eyed children named Lauren, 9, and Logan, 4. Norman and I are also very fortunate to have his 93 year old Dad
and my 93 year old Mother living close to us.  We are very close to all of our family and spend a lot of our time with them.

I didn't work all of the years that we lived overseas, but I did enjoy a wonderful career in education as a Teacher/Library
Media Specialist for 27 years, before and after our return. At the age of 45, I returned to Sam Houston and began working
on my Master's in Library Science! It was such fun! I loved every level of teaching and library from pre-K to High School
and served as the District Library Coordinator in several districts during my teaching years. I retired in 2004 and have
worked as Project Director for 2 large, federal, library grants with our Education Service Center, Region II here in Corpus
Christi. I really enjoyed that but am currently completely retired.

I had a little health setback this year in January, when I unexpectedly had to have open heart surgery for an Aortic Valve
Replacement and Aortic Aneurysm repair.  Being the true librarian, I researched it beforehand and found some wonderful
websites, books and relaxation tapes for calming the spirit and the soul before surgery. I went into it totally calm and my
recovery has gone very smoothly. If any of you are told that you need valve surgery, do email me.
(  I would love to share any of the information that I found.

Norman and I continue to travel as much as we can. He is still doing some consulting work in the oilfield and presently is
Europe and specifically, Italy. We traveled in Europe coming and going out of Africa and have had some wonderful trips to
many countries there. We also had a wonderful two week safari in East Africa during those years.  One of our favorite trips
was two years ago when we flew into Venice, spent a few days and flew down to Palermo, Sicily to meet Susan, Francesco
and Alessandro. We got an up-close and personal tour of Sicily with Francesco and his family. It was wonderful!  We
rented a car and after 10 days with them, we toured more of Sicily and then crossed over and drove the whole length of
Italy up to the Dolomites and the Austrian border. Some of our favorite parts were the Amalfi Coast; Pompeii; Assisi;
Florence, Lucca, and ALL of Tuscany; and Asola, in the north. We spent a few days in Croatia and Slovenia and then flew
Norman and I continue to travel as much as we can. He is still doing some consulting work in the oilfield and presently is
out of Venice! We were gone over a month and totally enjoyed every minute! We had no reservations and we took every
little squiqqly road to see where it led! We sat in lots of piazza's and enjoyed coffee or a glass of wine and an Italian pizza
and watched the world go by!  It was a trip of a lifetime!

Our last trip to Italy last year included a cruise to the Greek Islands and Turkey. After the cruise we drove over and spent
a week at Cinque Terre on the Mediterranean coast of Italy. Gorgeous!

We have lived in Corpus Christi since 1980.  We enjoy entertaining our family and friends by the pool. We are known as
the local B & B! Norman makes a great Margarita and we have a spare bedroom, so if you get down this way, give us a
call!   Email:

Mary Kate Morrison -

working as we had IRA's
from the crash as yet to retire.

He is Assistant Pastor at a
church in Wilmington and I work
three days a week for a young
M.D. near our home  (who was
born the day before
my son was born)!  We have three grown children and
eight grandkids who are scattered on the East Coast, but
love to visit us and go to the beach and fishing.  We have
a small place near Holden Beach.

We are looking forward to the reunion next year, and are
appreciative of the hard work involved in it.  Since I was a
wall flower in High school & graduated in the January
Class, I may not know many.
Bill Collett - continued

a lot of big ol' oak trees all around ..two little bodies of water
where I can fish for bass in one and cat fish in the other ..I
haven't felt like killing anything since Viet-nam but I love to
shoot targets with my .44 mag. , which I can do right oustide my
back door (almost ).

I'd love to have any of my old friends contact me for a weekend
and /or e-mail me at
Phone: 940-683-4338....would love to hear from you.   Bill

Jimmy Borland - Continued

Our daughter, with identical 3 year old twin boys, lives out there so I
really enjoyed the visits. My son Graham is a young un-employed pilot
working with me and learning the business.

Hope to start winding down soon as when I had triple bypass surgery
about a year ago my Get Up and Go, Got Up and Went and all of it has
not returned. My self and the rest of the Cutters are really looking
forward to the Big 50…damn hard to believe. And one more thought for