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Charlene Lee - continued

I married during my senior year, and after graduation, we moved  to Arkansas for the summer, then Mississippi for 10 years, where
our two daughters were born and reared.  In 1975 we returned to Texas to be near our families, and settled in Temple. . . . .

I worked for Grace Jones Haute Couture Dress Shop in Salado for a couple of years, and really enjoyed learning about high fashion.

I divorced in 1982 and was married to my second husband until he was killed in a car accident in Idalou in 1989.

I retired in 1997 after 20 years at Scott & White Memorial Hospital and Clinic as Media Relations Director in the Public Affairs
Department from 1982 to 1997 and for 5 years before that as Director of the Perinatal Center Outreach Education Program from
1977 to 1982.

Having retired early at age 55, I started my own public relations firm, Lee Communications, in 1997, but my 90 yr old Mother became
ill in 1999, and I had to leave the business here in Temple and care for her in Conroe for several months before she died.  

On April 25, 1999, two days after my mother died, on the way back to Temple from Conroe, I had a near death car accident in
College Station, when I fell asleep at the wheel (going 65 mph on cruise control) and wrapped my Lincoln around a tree.  Although I
still have a serious scar on my neck from the seat belt and several on top of my head from 10 staples, I did recover fully after several

I retired permanently in March of 2009.  Now, I really enjoy piddling away the day in my yard, cooking, playing with my granddaughter,
catering to my 3 cats, or just doing nothing.  (I think working 55 years ... since the age of 12 is least it is for me it is!)  

My two daughters, DeShawn, 43, and Colleen, 41, both live in Temple, so I get to see them and my 2 yr old granddaughter, Addison
Grace Gillin, frequently.

My twin sister, Kathleen, is also retired and lives here in Temple now.  She lived in Houston, Conroe and Corsicana until she moved
here in 2002.  She has a 2 yr old granddaughter, Alessa Bella Toledo, (born 3 months after mine) from her daughter April, who was
born in 1987 from Kathleen's second marriage.  April and her husband live in Temple also. Kathleen's oldest daughter Cheryl lives in
Austin and has a 10 yr old daughter Shaelynn born in 1999.  So Kathleen is one up on me in the grandchildren department. haha!  
Kathleen's son Russell lives and works in Colorado.

Kathleen and I took a summer driving trip to Colorado in 2007.  We had a really great time traveling together.  (My brother Rollin died
in Conroe while we were in Colorado, so we returned for the funeral after Labor Day of the year.)  

We enjoy living so close to each other finally and getting to visit each other frequently, or just gab on the phone about nonsense!  

"Sunshine" Charlene  E. Lee
520 Silver Stone Drive
Temple, Texas 76502
254.534.1534 or 254.721.7456
 Email me:

Hayden Kaden - Continued

Six years ago, Bonnie and I were invited to join some Danish friends on a 100 year old, 100 foot restored Danish sailing,fishing
vessel for a two month cruise around the islands of French Polynesia.  That sounded much more romantic and cool than it
actually was because the boat had been restored to its original hundred year old condition.  PRIMITIVE was the operative word,
along with hot.  Four years ago, Bonnie and I joined another couple from Alaska for a month travelling Chile from north to south
by rental car - somewhat disappointing because the food is pretty bad and the much vaunted Chilean wine was more expensive
there than in the U. S. or Mexico.  
Hayden says: This
picture of tiger was
taken at a temple
outside Bangkok
and the tigers are
loose, not collared,
in a small canyon -
an amazing
I have been to Nepal four times both
leading and being led on trekking
trips in the Himalayas.  I love Thailand
and have been there five times.

Bonnie and I took our daughter,
Sierra, and her husband, Carlos, to
Thailand and Laos five years ago for
six weeks and had a fabulous time in
Bangkok, Koh Phi Phi, the Golden
Triangle, capped off with a boat trip
down the Mekong River and then by
bus through Laos.
We love Mexico and spend five months a year in
our home in San Miguel de Allende, taking
hinterlands of Mexico.  We love poking around
the Huasteca (the eastern Sierras) and have
floated many of the canyons of the Santa Maria
River in wetsuits and on air mattresses.  We try
to do at least one one week trip a year on that
incredible river, one of the true wilderness areas
of Mexico.

New grandchildren - or other 'milestones' to
share?  One grandson, Hayden Juan Carlos
Jimenez, who was three on Christmas Eve.  
Already operating heavy equipment in Haines,
dating big, beautiful Alaska girls, and still finding
time to study for his college boards.  How about
that?  He is the light of our lives and we get to
visit him a few times a summer at his house in the
woods that his parents are building for him
outside of Haines, Alaska.

Email Hayden:
can come to the Reunion we would sure love
to see you!!