Reunion Photos 3
Martin Black.
Photo by Judie
Roy Bobo by
Judie Oldsen.
Ann Cleary and Pancho
Davis. Photo by Gail.
Jane Henson, A.C. Campbell, Dick Cramer
and wife, Sandy. Photo by Roy Bobo.
Brad McWilliams
Beth Breedlove. Photo by Jari.
Harold Oldmsted.
Photo by Gail.
Florilda Everton, Gail
and David Everton.
Jack Amerman and wife Sheila.
Photo by Jari.
Jack Amerman, 1944.
Weldon Morgan, Gail Reaben, Ann Cleary.
Tex Cowart, Jari Kendall, David DeBoer.
Photo by Gail.
Norman Townsen, Jr, Jane Henson, Jayne Jones.
Photo by Roy Bobo.
Marvin Levy.
Photo by Greg
David Berg. Photo by Greg Lipscomb.
John Van Osdall.
Photo by Greg
Martin Black, Ron Kahanek, A.C. Campbell
Meta Strauss. Photo by
Judie Oldsenl.
Joel Battle and the soon to be
Mrs. Joel Battle.
Sandra Rossburn, Dee Ann
Florilda Everton, Gail Reaben
and David Everton.
Charles Bleil
and wife
Susan. Photo
by Judie
Jan Caruthers, Judith and Gil Carrick.
Delia Lloyd, Bob Arnett. Photo by Gail.
Tex Cowart, Jari Kendall, David Deboer.
Photo by Gail.
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Jack Amerman and
wife Sheila. Photo by
Merle Silverstein and
husband Bill
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