Reunion Photos 2
Janet Vogt and husband Trent Morgan
Dick Cramer, Tommy Pennick. Photo by Gail
Judye Galeener, Elizabeth
White, Mary Jo Garrett.
Photo by Greg Lipscomb.
Photo by
Mike Arnett and wife, Joan.
Photo by Gail.
Cynthia Barton, Becky Cook, Kay Cosgrove,
Judye Galeener. Photo by Greg Lipscomb.
Helaine Wayne and husband
David Lane ('59)
Sandra Rossburn, Faye Kern, Beth Sparks,
Beth Breedlove, Ron Bower. Photo by Judie
Diana Bateman
Irl Bernstein and wife,
Marsha Pearlman ('62).
Photo by Jari.
Judie Oldsen, Dale Brown, Pat Bowles.
Photo by Gail.
David Cook, Janet Vogt, Mike Ferns. Photo by Gail.
Kay Sublett Black and Martin
Black by Roy Bobo.
Gil Carrick and wife Judith. Photo by Gail.
Michael Lewis. Photo by Gail.
Ron Pennick. Photo by Gail
Allen Israel. Photo
by Greg Lipscomb.
Cynthia Barton, Becky Cook, Sheila Ullrich,
Judye Galeener. Photo by Greg Lipscomb.
Ron Bower. Photo by
Greg Lipscomb.
Gail Reaben, Photo
by Greg Lipscomb.
Lyndal Ankenman and
husband, Pancho Davis ('59)
Jari Kendall, Mike Lewis. Photo provided by
Greg Lipscomb. Photo by Gail
Meta Strauss,
Gail Reaben.  
Class Photo, Saturday night. Photo by Greg Lipscomb.
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