Reunion Photos 4
John Manning. Photo by Jari.
Message from Gail
It was the best reunion we've ever had and it's
all thanks to Jari members, especially Jane
Henson Russell, Melinda McDaniel Friou,
Judye Galeener Hartman, Fran Guest, Roy
Bobo, Jayne Jones and Rachel Merriman

Not only was the Friday Night, Saturday Night
and Sunday Morning Brunch fun but all who
were at the Saturday Morning School Event
know how special it was.  It was one of, if not
the highlight, of the whole reunion. Mike Lewis
and David Berg gave speeches that not only
were profound but had us rolling on the floor
with laughter!  Thanks, Rachel.

Now that the Reunion is over,
this will be the
last update on the website for quite some
 I have loved doing every little pixel of it!
These are the people you really want to thank
as there were many months I almost had to
throw in the towel but thanks to the generosity
of these wonderful guys and gals, the website
stayed open!

Jane Henson Russell,    A. C. Campbell,    
Bill Collett,    Virgil Rambo,    David Cook,    
Margaret Edge Chalfant,    Billy Rhodes,   
Larry Scalise,   Linda Ames McDonough,   
Ed Glass,   Jay Walrath,   Jerome Levy,   
Pat Wiper,   Mike Henderson,   Charlene Lee,   
Virgil Rambo,   Gary Kott,   
Rita Halbert Deramee,   Judy Ryals Simpson,   
Cynthia Fulton Edmundson,    Mike Lewis,  
Allen Israel,   Ron Pennick,  
Julia Slocum McBee,   Delia Loyd,   Lacy Hunt,  
Judie Oldsen Ferguson,   Tex Cowart,   
Rusty Scholl,    Bob Jarrard,   Jack Amerman,   
Stanley Kaufman,  and three classmates who
wished to remain anonymous.

I also want to thank several people who
contributed more than one donation: Virgil
Rambo, Jane Henson Russell, A. C. Campbell,
Bill Collett and another sweet person -- you
know who you are.  

Hope to see you at the 55th Reunion or our
70th Birthday Party here in Houston in two
years. Gail
You can still email me!
Linda Qullian
Larry Nordyke. Photo
by Gail
Beth Breedlove, Judie Oldsen.
Photo by Jari
Judye Galeener
and husband John
Hartman. Photo by
Greg Lipscomb
Sherry Roth and David
Greg Lipscomb.
Tex Cowart, David DeBoer, Gail Reaben,
Ann Cleary. Photo by Jari.
Lyndel Ankenman, and
husband Pancho Davis
Bob Rod and wife Gay
Tex Cowart, John Crain, Jay
Walrath, Charles Bleil
Judye Galeener, Cinda Hunnicut,
Tex Cowart, Gail Reaben, Weldon
Morgan, Ann Cleary, Nancy Van
Virgil Rambo. Photo by Greg
Albert Kidd
Jeff Lewis
Beth Sparks
Roy Bobo and Bob Mitchell
Photos by Judie Oldsen.
Jerry Bauman and wife Kathy.
Photo by Jari.
Lyndal Ankeman, and husband Pancho,
Cinda Hunnicutt
Rachel Merriman, ____, Helaine Wayne, ___
Rachel Merriman, John Van Osdall's wife, Gay,
Helaine Wayne and Billy Burge
Tex Cowart, David Deboer, Gail Reaben, Ann
Rachel Merriman, Meta Strauss, Barbara McClean