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Party Pics
Nov 2009
Kay Cosgrove Clark
and  husband, Ray
Bobby Rod and wife (left)
and Judye Galeener Hartman
Our Host, Brad McWilliams
and his wife Laura
Gail Reaben with Pat Wiper's
honey, Bob Hess
Fran Guest,  Jane Henson Russell,  
Beth Breedlove Pick
Linda Ames,
Nancy Van Eaton
Joan and Larry Scalise        Judy Drouet
Carl Mitchell
Neil Strauss        Pat Wiper
Lucinda Hunnicutt McGee and   
Mike Ferns
Kay Strickland    Jan Stevens
Marty Reagan, Beth
Breedlove Pick,
(back) Judye Galeener
Hartman, Roy Bobo
Brad McWiliams
and his wife
Laura hosted a
Party for all of us
living in the
Houston area.

The photo on the left
is Brad doing his
Jack Nicholson
impression.  He'd just
had eye surgery and
he's doing great!
Albert Kidd
Melinda McDaniel Friou,
Merle Silverstein Graneck
and husband Bill

Elizabeth White,
Jayne Jones