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Michael Flanagan
I graduated with a degree in Education and
moved to Wyoming in 1967 to teach school,
For three years I taught the 4th grade and 4
years teaching Art k-8 grades. I then went into
being a full time artist and never looked back. I
married a gal from Montana and have one son.
I am still working almost full time. My web site
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Is that Pat McCarrol and Gary Kott or Elvis and Marlon? A big
Thank You to
Mike Henderson who took this photo way back when.  
Email addresses: Pat
Gary Mike
Joel Battle and honey, Judy Turner at
Joel's Retirement Party this year.
Love is in the Air!
Matchmaker Jane Henson Russell
and A. C. (Cochran) Campbell
Mike and his wife Ginny having fun
checking out butterflies with binoculars,
2-way radios, and cell phones, and right,
performing at Old Hidalgo Pumphouse
Centennial Celebration, a local festival."

They live in south Texas. BTW, I've
listened to his CD of folk songs and I'm not
kidding, it is really, really good! If you email
Mike, you can get one! Also, if anyone has
a high school picture of him, let me know.  
His email address:
A.C. (Cochran)
and Jane
Russell have been
"together" since our last reunion,
3 1/2 years ago in November,
2005. They worked on the
reunion together and emailed
each other, a little more and a
little more, as the reunion got
closer. Then he asked if he could
pick her up and take her to the
Friday night party. He said it
wasn't much out of his way. He
lived in Brenham,TX, she lives in
Richmond, TX, and the party was
in the Heights inside the Loop!!
They've been together almost
ever since.

Joel Battle bought a house
down the street from a life-long
friend of Jane's, Judy Turner,
(not from Bellaire). Joel had a
girlfriend and Judy had a
husband. We introduced
everyone and we all went out
together a few times. Judy's
husband passed away and about
a year later, Joel broke up with
his girlfriend. I think he already
had his eye on Judy!! They were
friends and finally got more
serious about 1 1/2 years ago.
They are absolutely so in love
and happy, it's great to see. Now,
all you single people be sure to
come to our reunion and parties
and planning meetings, too. You
never know what might
happen!!!!  Detective Jane, who
tries to find all the lost BHS
people, seems to be a good
match-maker, too.  Maybe she
can fix you up!!
Jane and A.C.'s


In 2006, I retired from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill where I had
been on the faculty for over 30 years.  My specialty was aquatic microbiology.  My
research principally dealt with water pollution and waste water treatment.  I was
one of those who excelled at teaching and service more than research (this is
rare).  While I taught many graduate courses, my favorite course was an
undergraduate course entitled "Environmental Protection".  It covered the full
gamut of environmental science and protection and was the most subscribed
environmental course on Campus.  I'm still in contact with almost all of my graduate
students and many of my undergraduate advisees.  My wife, Betty, and I travel a
lot, and we visit with former students almost everywhere we go.
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Don Francisco
Pat Wiper (on the right) and her new “old” horse, Shaker,
prove that flossing is very important, but keeping a big
smile on your face is priceless. Got to be honest, Pat
wrote that -- only she can think of something that funny!

After I graduated from Bellaire I went to the University of Texas.  I managed to
condense a four year program into five years due to changing majors and getting
a Navy scholarship that required certain courses.  Graduated in 1965 with a BBA
degree and was commissioned an Ensign in the Navy the next day.

Reported to Pensacola, Florida for basic flight training about two weeks after
graduation.  I earned my pilot wings in 1966 after 18 months of training that had
me going from Pensacola to Meridian, Mississippi for basic jet training, then back
to Pensacola for carrier qualification and gunnery, and finally to Kingsville, TX, for
advanced jet.  While at Meridian I married the former Linda Kay Crist, whom I had
met at UT.

I reported to Naval Air Station, Lemoore,
California, after earning my wings and was
assigned to the first A-7 attack squadron,
VA-147.  I spent most of my 20 year Navy
career at Lemoore.  I retired in 1985 at the
rank of Commander and went to work as
chief pilot for Beacon Oil Company for
10 years; then 10 more years as chief pilot
for Shanair Air Charters.  When I retired
from 40 years of flying I had over 20,300
accident free flight hours and 17,375 landings.

Linda and I had three sons, all born in the same delivery room at NAS Lemoore.  
Brad is now 42, Steve is almost 40, and Chris was killed in a car accident in 1992
at the age of 18.  We moved back to God's country in 2005 and live about an
hours drive east of Austin.

I try to keep busy.  I am the financial officer for the local American Legion post, vice
president of Giddings Breakfast Lions Club, a volunteer at the Lincoln Volunteer
Fire Department, chairman of the Lee Country Census count, and I spent six
months on the Lee County Grand Jury.  For one month a year (and many other
meetings during the year) I am the captain of the Coke Team at the Houston
Livestock Show and Rodeo.  email:
Rusty Scholl

Roy Bobo  and Judy Matthews at a Dudes
'n' Darlin Dance. Isn't Judy the one that
always had more Mums during Football
Season than any other girl?!
Our Beth Sparks Reardon is the owner of a cool B&B, Storybook Cottage, in an
historical part of the Texas Hill Country, Mason, Texas.  Phone: 325/347-0809,
or email:

Beth says: I want everyone in the  Bellaire class of 1960, who may
be interested in a trip to Mason, sometime between now and the
reunion, to get in touch with me about special rates for classmates.  
Mason is becoming popular with people interested in state history,
as there are two museums here, a Fort that was established to help
protect settlers from the Indians in the area, lots of birds and other
wildlife, topaz hunting opportunities, rivers, and just a place where
you can truly relax and enjoy being alive.  The rates would depend
on how many people were staying at the B & B, but a trip to Mason
would be an interesting and memorable experience.
and click on Storybook Cottage.
Barry Silberg

I am married to Michele Brulé.
I have 5 children who have all
graduated college and are
independent!  First grandchild is
due next month!  I still practice
plastic surgery and am Chief of Plastic Surgery at
Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital.  We just completed an FDA
study involving ultrasonic dispersion of antibiotics.  Email:
Mary Kate

We live on the east coast just
outside of Wilmington, N.C.  
where we have lived for 35
years and where we have
raised our three children.  
However, you never get Texas
out of a Texas Girl!!  

Our children & grandchildren
are very aware of their Texas
roots and love to visit their
relatives in the Lone Star

I don't get to Houston as often
as used to after both of my
parents died.  My sister still
lives in the Jersey Village area
and we get to visit her every
year or two. We had a nice
short visit in March and went
to the Fat Stock Show and
greatly enjoyed it.
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Neva Terry with Peter Chesborough, Michael Carney
with Marsha Langston, Roy Bobo, Susie Dreschel with
Joel Battle, Lacey Hunt's head in background.
Back Row: A.C. Cochran Campbell, Steve Green, Roy Bobo, Jack Amerman, Larry Miller
Front Row: Virgil Rambo, Johnny Manning, Rusty Scholl