Cool Cats
Bill Collett and his dog Baxter
live out in the country, on a lake in
Bridgeport, Texas, fairly close to
Bill says:

I have had some serious medical
problems and I'm currently holding
my own with this chondrosarcoma
(bone cancer). It's done some
damage but is close to remission. I
had to "retire" from working as a
Substance Abuse Counselor
because of it , but I'm still working
part time teaching classes in the
evenings.  I've have several
licenses, including LCDC,

I just celebrated 26 years of
sobriety and have found over the
years that I can still have fun
without the alcohol. Most of my
friends drink and that's great for
them because they can handle it.

I currently have a 3 bedroom brick
house kinda in the "country" (5 min
from town) with a lot of big ol' oak
trees all around ..two little bodies
of water where I can fish for bass
in one and cat fish in the other ..I
haven't felt like killing anything
since Viet-nam but I love to shoot
targets with my .44 mag. , which I
can do right oustide my back door
(almost ).

So all things considered, things
are going pretty well for me and I'd
love to have any of my old friends
contact me for a weekend of quiet
peaceful solitude and relaxation
...just give me a call and /or e-mail
me at
Phone: 940-683-4338....would love
to hear from you.   Bill
Bellaire Boy's Lunch Club (any BHS male
classmate can come!):
Max Washburn,  David Seay, Jay Stubbs
(married to Deanna Marie Shiro
Stubbs from
Lamar '60) and far right is
Roy Bobo.  
A. C. (Cochran) Campbell, white shirt, Larry
, red shirt and John Manning . . . Both
photos taken
by Jack Ammerman
Wow -- does this picture of Sullivan's Drive-In start the images and memories of long ago days playing
in your head?!!!  Another big Thank You to
Mike Henderson for this incredible photograph.  What was so
funny is that I'd been wishing that someone had a picture of this favorite spot when out-of-the-blue, Mike
emailed it to me!
Gail Reaben, Lee Trail, Martha Hooper: Christmas
Play, 6th grade, Maud Gordon Elementary. Lee  
email is:
Burden, Kanas was a farming community with a
population of about 500
with all the basic stores you would
expect in the 1940’s and 50’s including Ford and Chevrolet
dealerships.   Danny Shore's dad was a salesman at the
Chevy dealership.  One fateful day in early 1953, Danny and I
were standing in front of the school waiting for our ride home.  
Danny's ride that day was his dad picking him up in a brand
new 1953 Corvette.  Needless to say, I was flat blown away as
I had no idea there were even rides other than a tractor,
school bus or 4 door sedan.   I was hooked and I guess for
good reason after that.

My twin sis Portia and I are standing next to our dad's new
1953 Chevy (in b/w pic). We took a trip that summer to
Arkansas and North Dakota and looks like we stopped for a
snack when this was taken...  We were 11 yrs old and I guess
the funniest thing is the way we dressed.  Portia and I started
sharing my Dad’s car after our he passed away in 1958.  Our
mom let me have dual exhausts installed and also had it
painted for us the following summer after moving to Houston.   
As I recall, the paint job was $35.  "Man" how things have
changed . . . .
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Bill Wiebe and His Life Long Love of Cars
Me, Richard Gatton and Danny Shore
Mopsy Smithers is an associate
pastor at Chapelwood United
Methodist Church and have
developed some signficant
ministries such as finding help for
those in job searches and help for
those who
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