Happy Days
Taken at Foley's when KNUZ DJ Larry Kane had a Saturday show. That's Lou
Jean Campbell
talking on the mic and me, Gail Reaben, behind Lou Jean.  
Martha Hooper in glam photo with
Sydney Smith's 78'.s
Mike Abbey and Martha Hooper
Meet me in St. Louis: Back Row, Right to Left: Arlene Cohen, Larry
Wayne, Stanley Kaufman;
MIddle Row, Far right is Allen Israel and
I think Ramona Elbin next to him.
First row, far left is
Kay Pennyquick, Kay Kimball (middle) and Ann
Ralph Brown, Larry Scalise
Sondra McDonald and Wallace
"Tippy" Tippen
Martha Hooper, Bob Lumens, Lou Jean Campbell, Judy Ryals
Backstage at the City Auditorium when Lumens was appearing.
He was a regular singer at the Louisiana Hayride in Sheveport.
Paul Berlin at KNUZ.
Jimmy Borland's Car, Shamrock Hotel Parking Garage: Bibiana Gavin at wheel, Sydney Smith
behind her,
Ella Jane Chavis behind Syd; Maxine Varisco edge of car, Gail Reaben behind her,
Martha Hooper w/hands on car; behind her is Sandy Whiting; Tommy Stephens sitting over edge,
Lee Trail holding gas pump behind Tommy; Pat Wiper behind her and Bill Hogue behind Pat. How
we ever actually drove down the street with that many people is unbelievable -- and it doesn't even
include Jimmy,  who was taking the picture!
THE CUTTERS: c.1958: Top row: Left to right: Alan Sumner, Dicky
Cantella, Robert Brooks, Jim Borland Cutter #1, Don Vickrey,
Brian (Sheppard) Johnson;
Bottom row:  Dick Hanson, Bill Hogue
Not Shown:  Frank Davis, Jimmy Treybig, Weldon Kelly Morgan,
Tommy Stephens, Harry Dillashaw,  Boyd Collier, and the female of
the group, Meta Strauss.
Thanks Brian for the wonderful pictures!  Gail
THE CUTTERS: 2005 Reunion: Top row: Left to right: Brian
(Sheppard) Johnson, Alan Sumner, Boyd Collier, Tom
Stephens, Dick Hanson, Weldon Morgan, Robert Brooks
Bottom row:  Jimmy Treybig, Don Vickrey, Meta Strauss,Jim
Borland, Frank Davis
Not pictured:  Harry Dillashaw, Dickey Cantella
Deceased, Bill Hogue
in the
middle, dancing
with ?? at a
Xmas party in
the Gym.
Remember all
those Sock
Hops? That's
Pat McCarroll
on the far left
dancing with
Judy Webb
Front Row:Billy Crain, second from left, Freddie Hipchen, third from
right.  Back row: third from right,
Lynn Anderson
In 1955 or 1956, Martha Hooper, Linda Parisi and I went down to
Don's Record Shop one Saturday morning to see Stan Frieberg who
was in town and going to be on
Larry Kane's Radio Show on KNUZ.  
Kane had set up a remote todo the show. Sydney Smith may have
been with us and took the picture!  Gail . . . .Left to right:
Gail Reaben,
Stan Frieberg, Larry Kane, Linda Parisi, Martha Hooper
Jane Henson and Jayne Jones
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