Gil Carrick and his wife Judy live in Arlington,
Texas. Gil has started a Computer Museum!  To
contact him: or check out
his Home Page:
Brian Shepherd Johnson and Meta
in c.1958 and at the 2005
Reunion. Brian is a professional
photographer living in San Diego and
Meta is living the good life in Sonoma,
Bill Gilmore is living in Port Arthur, Texas. His wife of
45 years, Glenda Hargrove, BHS Class of '61 passed
away last year. Bill is busy selling real estate. You can
contact him at:

Doo Woppers
Linda Quillian, Grandma
with her twin girls.  You can
email her:
Lamar High School, Class of 1960, invited our class to a party at
James Coney Island in April. We stuffed ourselves on hotdogs and had a great time. The best part was
seeing some of our friends from Pershing who we haven't seen in 55 years! Do you remember
Marie Schiro
Stubbs and Pam Ballard from Pershing? Pics below.  If you want to see Lamar High School's
website, go to and/or email Marilyn Ralls Johnson:
That's Deanna Marie Shiro on the far right
with Bellaire's
A C. Campbell and Jane
Henson Russell.
Pam Ballard  
Class of 1960,
Lamar High
John McDaniel. Did you know he is
an inventor? John invented and
manufactures a plexiglass, bullet
proof shield which he sells to  
protect convenience store cashiers.
Contact John:
Becky Cook and her husband
Wayne. We hear they have been
doing extensive travelling!
Bill "Billy" Jones, far right, at his recent birthday bash.
He said he got tired of the gray! Or could it be he's just
now finding out that blonds really do have more fun!
Deanna Marie
Class of
1960, Lamar
High School
Larry Miller recently opened a
professional woodworking
business. His email address is:
Tex Cowart, Sydney Smith, Gail Reaben, Glynn Dyess
-- Tex is living in Melbourne, Florida where you can find
him out on the links most days.
Jane Henson Russell and Gail Reaben
John Crain
Olga Heizer Thompson and Judy
Stratinger Reeves.
Bottom picture
was taken at one of our BHS Girl''s
Miriam Kalman Friedman, Ph.D., playright, shown
this Spring.  She is also Director of Services for
Physician Directed Weight Remedies Program.  Email:
Jari Kendall Watkins,
Chairman of our
2009 Reunion!
Helane Wayne Lane,
On our Reunion
Committee too!
To see his Museum home page:
Suzanne Vale Jarrard ('61), Bobby
('60) and Kathy Kelton ('61)
Gil would appreciate any donation, even $5 or
$10, to his new and important museum.

Bill Porter
Jeffrey Lewis and Melinda
McDaniel Friou
That's Tex Cowart in the middle
with our 6th grade teacher at
Maud Gordon, Mrs. Hayes.
Gail Reaben, Lee Trail, Martha Hooper: Christmas
Play, 6th grade, Maud Gordon Elementary. Lee  
email is:
Ken Looney -- After graduation from Bellaire, Ken
attended the U of H, University of Texas and South
Texas Law School. He is now President of

Transformational Enzyme Corp
, a nutritional
supplement company. Ken lives in Sugarland, TX, just
outside of Houston with his wife, Dicqie. They have 4
children and 5 grandchildren. Ken's hobbies include
golf, fishing and work.