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Ed Glass
It's been about ten years since that BHS "book" came out, so I won't
rehearse early history. My children are thriving, my son is a literary
agent in Manhattan, my daughter a writer, living in Santa Monica,
California.  I remain active with a number of not-for-profits including
Storm King Art Center (which I strongly recommend to anyone who get
to New York State--it's a magnificent sculpture park located just north of
West Point near the Hudson River).  I live in a converted garment district
manufacturing plant--this is not something out of Architectural Digest, it's
still got the original pipes, overhead fans and fire sprinklers hanging
down the from ceiling, and my eclectic tastes and inability to stay
organized for more than a few minutes take
care of completing the general chaos.

I spend a fair amount of my time at a small
house and studio I built about five years
ago in a very rural corner of Garrison,
New York, a little town about 60 miles
north of New York City on the Hudson
River. Having been very urban for a
very long time, I have really come to love
the peace and quiet and intimacy with
nature (even if the deer eat everything,
mold grows on the outdoor stairs, and mice
build nests in the attic).  As to the studio, I
sculpt in stone, sometimes have bronze
castings made from  the stone pieces.  
And, importantly, I've been involved for
most of this year (and for once with no obvious end in sight) with a
wonderful woman, born in California, she lived in London for 30 years
and has recently moved to New York.

Not as a footnote, but to mark one ending, my mother, Henrietta Glass,
died in January of this year in Houston at the age of 93.  I mention this
since she was the remarkable "Mrs. Glass" who taught French and
occasionally Latin at Bellaire in the '50's and '60's.  At the funeral, my
brother Jay (BHS '63) and I were very moved to hear several of her
former students speak about the ways in which she inspired them,
instilled a love for learning (and for the French language) and
challenged them to go on to do bigger and better things.  Of course, in
private they also noted that she could be a "terror", but everyone
seemed to describe her as someone who had changed their lives.
Eddie Glass                                                       Jack Jacobs
Meta Strauss
Jimmy Borland
The Best of Friends
META:  Yes, life is good in California even with taxes sky-high,
the state broke and Arnold as Govenor.  There's no place like
this....the weather is wonderful and the people...well, the people
are so interesting it's like being inside a movie set ...something
like "The World According to Garp"...liberal style.  Each Friday
evening (without fail) a group of protesters meets in front of the
city hall with signs, usually about PEACE...but could be another
liberal cause or two thrown in.  As people turn the corner into
the town via the town-plaza they honk horns in support or
protest of that week's issue.  

Every Tuesday evening is the Farmer's Market and everyone
and their kids, grandkids, friends, guests take a few bottles of
wine, a picnic basket and hang-out.  There's always live music
and everyone dances - reminds me of the days when we all
danced at the drop of a hat.  John Lassiter, the founder of
Pixar, lives in Sonoma and he always supports all kinds of
media events.  We have a great film festival and all Pixar
premiers are held at the turn of the century Sebastiani Theater
(still in operation) in the center of town.  Most of the citizens are
our age, have retired or semi-retired and spend their time
having fun...SO...it is great living here. Never a dull moment.
Like Jimmy Treybig said...."I moved to California and became
liberated."...."Ditto" from me. I do have a personal blog  
//metawatch.blogspot.com  I post photos and some of my
writings.    EMAIL:

JIMMY:  My wife, Danelle and I live in a small town in middle
Georgia, on Lake Oconee. Both of us are very active in our
Episcopal church trying to help those who are not as blessed
as we are. I am still running my company, US Energy Capital
Corp that is an equipment lease brokerage company providing
financing to the retail petroleum industry and lately more in the
energy sector. It is a large contract we have with Conoco
Phillips that allowed me to visit the one female Cutter, my dear
friend and sister…Meta.
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I did my undergraduate study at Transylvania University in
Lexington, KY. Then, joined the Peace Corps and accepted
a tour in Brazil for two years doing Public Health and
Community Development.  I was in the Northeast  near
Recife.  There I met Florilda and was married. We returned
to Lexington where I attended seminary, preparing for the
ministry.  We served congregations in Ohio, Odessa , TX,
Memphis TN, Georgia and Missouri.

We are in Pearland, Texas now near our youngest daughter
Maria Andrea and our three grandsons.  Ana Claudia, our
oldest lives in LI, New York. We are looking forward to
seeing old friends and classmates at the reunion.
David Everton and
wife, Florilda
I Found this picture in a Pershing Chatter.  The caption
said it was a winner in the Persons Category and was
submitted by
Alan Haufrect!  
Bobby Vickers
My wife Alice and belong to the GOOD SAM RV travel club and our
local chapter (PENGUINS) plan short trips eight months out of the
year but, when the weather gets too hot we head north. In our future
travels we plan to go to Alaska and also do the Turning of the leaves
tour that follows the Autumn colors from Main to Florida.

Back at home we keep busy. Alice is a PINK LADY volunteer at our
local hospital and a talented artist involved in the Victoria Art
League. I spend my idol time working on old cars and tractors,
Rotary Club and doing those chores around the place. Together we
are involved in church activities and volunteer as drivers for the
American Cancer Society program that carries patients to Houston,
Victoria and Austin for treatment. There are also some times when
we chill out, kick back and watch our favorites on TV.

We work out several times a week at our Health club and have lost a
bunch of pounds and are in good shape!

As of this writing, we are in an RV park in Durant, Oklahoma, right
next to the Chataw Casino where we just lost enough money to pay
for the top floor of their new highrise. We have been on the road for
the last four weeks visiting the black hills of South Dakota and the
bumpy roads of Winnipeg Canada. We are on the last leg of our trip
back home to Hallettsville, Tx"
 Email: bavickers@sbcglobal.net
Sandy Whiting Connor and Family  
Roy Bobo's
Daddy.  Roy
really likes this
picture and
wanted to share
it with everyone.
From left: Bob Rod, Jack Amerman, Virgil Rambo,
Steve Green. March, 2010.