Susan Emmert Slaughter has just recently been named
the first woman priest in the Episcopal Diocese of Fort

An article about Susan in the
Dallas Morning News explains
this historical moment. This link takes you to all the details:
Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth to have its first ordination
of woman to priesthood

Susan says: I was married to Jerry Slaughter 28 years
when he passed away in 2007. When we married, I had two
children, James Emmert Russell and Mary Kathryn Russell
(now Sweet).  Jerry had two children, Jerry D. Slaughter
and Terri Lee Slaughter (now Smith). I have 7

Ordained deacon Oct. 12, 2002 in the Episcopal Church;
Ordained priest November 15, 2009 in the Episcopal
Church; Serving as Rector at St. Luke-in-the-Meadow
Episcopal Church, Fort Worth, TX.

Susan's brother Max Emmert, who graduated in 1959,
lives with his wife, Katy in Hot Springs Village, Arkansas.  
He has been retired for a number of years.  When he
retired, he was president of an oil well servicing business in
Odessa.  Max and Katy have four adult children between
them and eleven grandchildren.  They attended his 50th
class reunion this year and said it was great.

Susan would love to hear from you!
Susan Emmert Slaughter

Ron "Ronny" Pennick

I can't believe fifty years have gone from our lives, like a
match stick burning so quickly... gone.

There are so many questions we must share as we wonder
how life has unfolded for each friend we enjoyed in the
window of our youth. Destiny has taken me down many
exciting roads as I tried to figure out what God wanted me to
do while here on earth, and yes there were many laughs
and buckets of tears along the way.

I left Bellaire after my junior year as my parents moved to
Franklin, PA.  I chose to go into the army after high school
and then shortly afterword, married the love of my life, my
high school sweetheart, Barbara Beith. We shared two
beautiful daughters and then fate took a terrible turn for
each of us. We both had different visions of what we wanted
in life and we divorced. She stayed in Franklin and raised
our children while I went to California to become an actor.
However, instead of becoming an actor, I became a pilot
and then Director of Passenger Services for Continental
Airlines. Then fate took another turn for me, as I was injured
during a flight and lost the hearing in my left ear, it ended
my career of flying. I left California and moved to Atlanta,
GA, remarried, and spent the next forty years in the trucking

In 2005, I retired for a year before being lured by the
challenge to go to war in Iraq as a combat convoy driver,
the oldest combat driver in Iraq . . . Click here to read more

In these days of “High School Musical” and “Glee,” the memories
many of us have of our class’s big musical, “Meet Me In St. Louis”
come back to us.

Many in the company were accomplished in singing, acting, and/or
dancing. Others, like me, knew we sounded good in the shower, but
came to realize during the many weeks and weeks of rehearsals,
that this would be our one and only stab at stardom!

Bellaire then and since has had its share of future stars: Susan
Tolsky, Alan Haufrect, from our years, and several since.
But our cast of over achievers knew that Arlene Cohen and Barney
Hammond would go on to real stardom(did they? I don’t know).

My grades suffered due to the night after night rehearsals with Cecil
Pickett demanding more and more for his adaptation of the movie,
“Meet Me In St. Louis.’ He added songs and changed dialogue, and
who knows if he broke rules by doing so. And the Music Director,
Lucille Leifesti, kept us singing on key.

All I know is we played before standing room only audiences in four
performances over two weekends, actually recorded an album, and
for us, made memories that have lasted 51 years!  Wow!

Here is the cast and the roles they played, but so many dancers and
chorus, and stage workers, production staff, and Orchestra had the
thrill of this experience as well.

Mama- Ramona Elbin
Poppa- Allen Israel
Rose- Arlene Cohen
Esther- Kay Pennycuick
Agnes -Ann Alford
Tudy –Dolores Baum
Grandpa- Barney Hammond
Lon Jr. – Larry Wayne
Katy- Chris Cantrell
John Truitt- Harry Throgmorton
Lucille Ballard- Kay Kimball
Noonie Walton- Susan Tolsky
Horace Little- Bob Foard
Warren Sheffield- Stan Kaufman
Ella- Barbara Ellis
Mary- Molly Enquist
The Boy- Roberta Billings
Sweet Rosie O’Grady – June Smith
Dancers - Sydney Smith, Gail Reaben,
Sondra McDonald, Mary Stephens and others

Allen joined Loeb in 2007 to serve as a Tenant and Landlord
Representative. Before coming to work at Loeb he was affiliated with
Grubb & Ellis and Slovis and Associates. Allen’s list of clients
Elvis Presley Enterprises, Central Station Memphis, Sammy’
s Man of Fashion, R Sole, Rising Roll Gourmet, and Main Street

Prior to working in commercial real estate, Allen was a life long
retailer, owning and operating 25 Casual Corner women’s clothing
stores in Tennessee, Arkansas, Mississippi, and Kentucky. After
selling his business in 1988, Allen became a Blockbuster Video
franchisee in Arkansas as well as working with the Memphis
Redbirds creating the Redbirds Stores, logos, merchandising, and
marketing. He has been a business consultant in retail,
merchandising, and marketing for several organizations including
Recreational Vehicle Communities (RVC) and Premier Retail
Services, LaGrange, GA. Allen sold his Blockbuster stores to
become a Commercial Real Estate Broker, and, having participated
in almost 50 leases as a tenant, has a unique ability to work with
both tenants and landlords.  To read more, and hear about his
click here>>>
Memories, by Allen Israel

    Michael "Mike" Lewis
years. They have two daughters, Melanie and Hadley, and a grandson

Orthopedic Surgeon
Michael is an orthopedic surgeon at the Illinois Bone and Joint Institute. He
has been Chief of Staff at Rush North Shore Medical Center, where he was
named best teacher of the year. He has also been an orthopedic consultant
to the Chicago White Sox baseball team, the Chicago Wolves hockey team,
and the Chicago Bulls basketball team, with whom he earned two
championship rings. Dr. Lewis has been honored to treat numerous
world-class athletes from several continents, including an Olympic gold
medal winner. An avid tennis player, he has won a Greater Chicagoland
singles tournament.

Michael Lewis started taking photographs more than thirty years ago when
he was stationed in the United Kingdom as an orthopedic surgeon in the
United States Air Force. At that time he was able to travel throughout
Europe, as well as East Africa, Nepal and India. Since then his passion for
photography has grown exponentially.  

Michael is honored that his images have been published in a number of
books and magazines, including the Field Museum of Natural History Bulletin
and Nature Photographer. During a one man show of his in a Chicago-area
gallery, people reported that his work struck a deep chord in them, which led
to the publication of One World. His photographs have since been shown in
several galleries and exhibitions, including Brandeis University in Waltham,
Massachusetts; the Moscone Convention Center in San Francisco,
California; the Chicago Cultural Center in Chicago, Illinois; and Children's
Hospital of Harvard University in Boston, Massachusetts.

Connecting the Two Worlds
Both medicine and photography are about intimacy.
As a physician, Dr. Lewis feels that it is a great honor
to share intimate experiences in his patients' lives.
As a photographer, he feels that it is a privilege to be
part of intimate moments in his subjects' lives. So in
some ways One World is a bridge-a link between his
life as a physician and his life as a photographer.

Michael's email address:
Chicago Bulls' Elton Brand and Michael
Meet me in St. Louis: Back Row, Right to Left: Arlene Cohen,
Larry Wayne, Stanley Kaufman;
MIddle Row, Far right is Allen
Israel and
I think Ramona and Ann Alford.
January, 2010