Hep Cats

They've had the one in West U for many years and recently opened a
beautiful new one on Washington Avenue.

Stanley is very proud of his children who are 20 years apart in age. He
said he always tries to be their most gentle critic and their biggest fan.
The Kaufman's in NY for Dustin's graduation: Betsy, Dustin and Stanley
Stanley Kaufman's Very Cool Family
Dustin                         Stanley and wife Betsy            
Dustin Kaufman,
Stanley Kaufman
wife Betsy's genius
musician-son,  just
graduated with a BFA
from The New School
for Jazz and
Contemporary Music in
Manhattan School of
Music where he'll begin
classes this
September.  His goal is
to be  drummer in the
band on the
Stanley has another
talented child, artistic
Erica Kaufman
Levitt. She and her
husband restaurant in
www.benjys.com, just
written up in the New
Pat Wiper: Enjoy seeing my
Dwayne Stiles,
pictured here serving
beautifully plated lobster,
which he skillfully prepared
for his sweet little old Mom on
Mother’s Day.  Dwayne, now
known as "The Thin Man" by
his family and friends,
recently completed the
MS150 bike ride from
Houston to Austin (during
recent flooding) to support
the fight against Multiple
Sclerosis. Ask me if I am
Dwayne Stiles (Dwayne's father was BHS 1961's Dave
Pat's first husband who passed away many years
Life After Bellaire by Charlene Lee

After graduating from Bellaire in 1960, I attended North Texas State
College(the year it became a University), then U of H part-time for a
couple of years, and finally graduated in 1966 with a double major in
Speech and Business and minor in English from Wayland Baptist
University in Plainview, Texas.  
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Charlene Lee and her grandaughter, Addison Grace
David Berg  
named one of
Texas Best
Lawyers for
"I was a REALTOR in Santa Monica,
CA for 20 years (1986 to 2006).In
1989 I was voted Realtor of the Year
was voted in the
California 100 in
1995.  I enjoyed being the political
liaison between the Santa Monica City
Council and the Santa Monica Board of
Realors for many years.  Please feel
free to reference my websites:
www.jacquiebanks.com or
Sandra Konig, Judy Kelley, Lynn Levy, Sue Ann Banks, Gail
Reaben and Darlene Morgan
. Taken outside in the baseball or
track field at the school. Ms. Holcomb was our wonderful gym
teacher!  Did you know she has seen our website? If anyone
would like to email her, her address is:
Another Thank You to Mike Henderson for this picture he took of Mrs. Langston's
Homeroom Class. (Mrs. Langston's daughter, Marsha Langston, graduated with us.) That's
David Harrison and Jane Henson (we think) around the desk.
That serious look on her face tells me she was
about to reprimand
Ralph Brown, Martha Hooper or
(mostly me) for talking! God bless her wherever
she is, she put up with a lot from us. Picture thanks
Mike Henderson!
L/R: Roy Bobo, Marshall Morris,
Sandy Ozmun and Nancy Flake
Roy Bobo's grandchildren, 3 of whom
are Triplets! Amy, Riley, Seth, & Caleb
Photo from:
Bobby Vickers
7th grade,
Suzanne Vale Jarrard ('61), Bobby
Jarrard ('60), Kathy Kelton ('61)
"Princess Jayne" from Anonymous
"The root cause of being incurably and lastingly severely smitten (summer 1956)" This photo and quote
was sent to me for the website by "Anonymous".
Jayne Jones, 1956
I'm now a realtor in Austin TX and very
much working still and would
appreciate any referrals!". Email:
Stanley, 11th Grade
Jacquie (Sue Ann) Banks