February/March 2010

Following graduation, I went to Rice University to study architecture.   I
graduated with a Bachelor in ’64 and Masters in ’65.  I married
Thornton, Bellaire ’61
and moved to Santiago, Chile for a year as part of
my Masters degree from mid 1964 to mid 1965.  We returned to Houston
and moved to Boston for a few years in September 1965; we’ve lived here
ever since.  

I joined an architectural firm called Cambridge Seven Associates and I’m
still working there as a partner and owner.  The arrival of our first
daughter, Karen, in 1966 prevented me from being drafted to Viet Nam.

We have four children: Karen, John, Sarah and David (he was adopted in
1975 from Viet Nam). All live in the greater Boston area, so we see them
and our five grandchildren quite a lot.  Pat has worked as a special
education teacher for almost 30 years and will retire this year; I plan to
work until I drop, for I love what I’m doing.  I’ve worked on many projects:
aquariums, offices transit stations, hotels and educational facilities, all
over the US and in England, Scotland, Germany, Portugal, Italy and
Kuwait.  Most of my recent work has been in Kuwait for the past 16 years.

I also have had varied and extensive volunteer life: community assistance
all over the US, Habitat for Humanity in the Mississippi Delta, Board
Chairman of an Architectural school, and parent soccer coaching.  We
both have family in Texas, so we still come to Houston, Dallas or the Hill
Country about once or twice a year.

There is much more we could say about our lives after BHS, so you can
email me at
credmon7411@comcast.net to say hello!  
Chuck, Pat (center) and the Family, 2004
Chuck Redmon
Pat Thornton Redmon                     Chuck Redmon
Bellaire 1961                  
Jack Jacobs
As far as my personal history is concerned, after graduating from University
of Chicago (BA, 1964) and Harvard Law School (LLB 1967), I made two
very fortunate choices. The first was to marry my wife, Marion (Antiles)
Jacobs (a Springfield, Mass. Native) in 1967, and the second was to come
to Delaware for a judicial clerkship that same year. Since I had no other
Delaware connections, my game plan was to stay there one year and then
go elsewhere. We did stay for one year, but we never left. Instead, I joined
what was then an 11 lawyer Wilmington law firm, which today is one of the
three largest firms in Delaware, became a partner and practiced corporate
and securities litigation for 17 years.

During that period we became actively involved in the community, which is
small enough that it is possible to know all of the major influentials on a
personal basis. One of them was Joe Biden, whom we met when he was a
29 year old County Councilman and became involved in his first
(successful) campaign for the U.S. Senate.. Joe (now Vice President)
Biden’s home is only 1 mile down the road from ours.

In 1975, our only child, Andrew, was born. Ten years later, I had the good
fortune to be appointed by the then-Governor to the Delaware Court of
Chancery, the court where all of the major corporate litigation was (and still
is) conducted. I was one of five judges on that court for 18 years, and was
privileged to preside over many high-profile corporate and other complex
cases. In 2003, I was again privileged to be promoted, by gubernatorial
appointment, to the Delaware Supreme Court (the state’s highest court),
where I currently serve until my term expires in 2015.  

One of the “perks” of my current position is that it enables me to receive
invitations to speak at, and participate in, corporate law and governance
conferences at various law schools and other foruns throughout the U.S.
and (even) the world.( Some of these are mentioned in the attached bio.).
These opportunities have enabled me to recharge my batteries through
interacting with some fascinating and highly accomplished people. They
have also enabled me to become (in addition to my “day job,”) a part-time
law professor, commuting one day a week to New York City to teach at New
York University Law School in the fall, and at Columbia Law School in the
spring, and (not insignificantly) to visit with my children, who live in New
York City..

To read more about Jack and his family, and
see a beautiful picture of his
children, Click Here >>>
My wife, Marion, who,
incidentally, holds
three masters degrees
(MA in economics,
MAT, and career. She
retired after teaching
high school for 31
years, then worked for
MBNA (the credit card
company) for 8 years
until it was sold to
Bank of America, and
now teaches part time
at the University of
Delaware. The rest of
her time she spends
looking after me and
making sure I get out
the door on time every
morning, and enjoying
her new role as
David DeBoer, Christmas 2009 on the island of Statia in the
This great picture of Valian's (Shamrock in background) is courtesy of
Mike McCorkle, a Bellaire photographer and artist who graduated way
after us but he was kind enough to let us use it.
Elizabeth White Kidd and Martha "Marty" Hooper Greenberg
attending an opening for the new add-ons at the Julia Ideson
Building here in Houston. Barbara Bush was there also.  Picture
appeared in the Houston Chronicle. Thanks, Roy Bobo, our
diligent Chronicle reader, for letting me know about it!
David DeBoer
David at the State Meet, Austin, Texas 1959
Left BHS and went to Baylor University on a Track
Scholarship.  Ran a little. Ran around a lot. Left Baylor with a
degree in History including minors in Freshman English and
Interstate 35.  Got Married to a Baylor basketball player.
Joined USAF. Drove jets. MDs said "you no longer drive
jets."  Sent to North Dakota to be WW III Missile Ace.

Left USAF - Mission of Air Force is to fly and fight -  wasn't
doing much of either.   Got divorced.  Got married (UT tennis
player).  Went to grad school. Became student for the first
time. Got degree in neuro-clinical psychology.  To read more,
click here >>>

Wow!  Joel Battle and
fiance Judy Turner will
be married
on May 12
on a cruise ship! Jane
Henson Russell and
A.C. Campbell will be on
board with them to share
in the celebration. A big
congratulations to Joel
and Judy.  We are so
happy for you!

Below, from left: Roy Bobo, Larry Nordyke,
Bob Rod, March, 2010.