Elementary School Pictures
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Back Row: Left to Right (there will be a blank space where name is not known)
Bobby Wynne, ____, Mrs. Bacon, Robert Foxworth, Robert Anderson, ____, Bob Cunias?,___, ___, Nancy Fleming,    
Patty Houston.
Middle Row: Left to Right
Front Row: Left to Right
Dorothy Lanford, Mac Davis, Floyd Newton, ___, Diane Dishon, Robert Whitaker, ___, Thelma Chambers, Judy           
Gudger, Robert Eaton, John Rice Carter, ___. Thanks to Bill Gilmore for this wonderful old picture. Robert Foxworth      
was an actor on "Falcon Crest" and was married to Elizabeth Montgomery, star of "Bewitched"; John Rice Carter was    
a congressman.
West University Elementary School
4th Grade

2nd row from top: third from left Mary Stevens, 7th from left Carolyn Wukman, then Sharon Seale, and on far right Wilhemina
Van                  Olphen
3rd row from top: far left: Alice Bell (Lamar), 3rd from left Frances Newell, 4th from left Joy Blythe, then DeeAnn Murphy, _____?, Ella
Jane Chavis
, Jonanne Hedges, Sara Lou Rutherford.
Bottom row: far left Johnny Manning, 3rd from left, Mac Faulkner, 5th from left Billy Joe Cordes, then Ben Coatsworth, Billy Jones,
Jack Grazier     
If you can identify any of the others, please email me. Thanks, Gail
Maud Gordon Elementary School -  6th Grade
Middle Row: Clara Driscoll, Frances Newell, Pat Wiper (with head turned),
Sydney Smith,  Joan Soehnlein;
Back Row: Deleese Agee, Linda Bunn
First Row:   Left to Right: Jimmy Pressley, Tex Cowart, Roy Bobo;  Middle