Cool Cats
Bill Collett and his dog Baxter live out in
the country, on a lake in Bridgeport, Texas,
fairly close to Dallas.
Bill says:

I have had some serious medical problems
and I'm currently holding my own with this
chondrosarcoma (bone cancer). It's done
some damage but is close to remission. I
had to "retire" from working as a Substance
Abuse Counselor because of it , but I'm still
working part time teaching classes in the
evenings.  I've have several licenses,
including LCDC, NCAC,AAC,and CCGC.

I just celebrated 26 years of sobriety and
have found over the years that I can still
have fun without the alcohol. Most of my
friends drink and that's great for them
because they can handle it.

I currently have a 3 bedroom brick house
kinda in the "country" (5 min from town) with
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Bellaire Boy's Lunch Club (any BHS male
classmate can come!): Left:
Washburn,  David Seay, Jay Stubbs
(married to Deanna Marie Shiro
from Lamar '60) and far right is
Roy Bobo.  
Photo by Jack Ammerman
A. C. (Cochran) Campbell, white shirt, Larry
, red shirt and John Manning . . . Both
photos taken
by Jack Ammerman
Wow -- does this picture of Sullivan's Drive-In start the images and memories of
long ago days playing in your head?!!!  Another big Thank You to
Mike Henderson
for this incredible photograph.  What was so funny is that I'd been wishing that
someone had a picture of this favorite spot when out-of-the-blue, Mike emailed it to
Gail Reaben, Lee Trail, Martha Hooper: Christmas
Play, 6th grade, Maud Gordon Elementary. Lee's
email is:
Mopsy Smithers Andrews

(Due to some technical problems,
a portion of Mopsy's write up has
been deleted.  Will try to get it back.

those in job searches and help for
those who
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Sydney Smith

L/R:  Bill Amerman ('63), Tom Amerman
('66), and Jack Amerman ('60)
Bellaire Cardinal Dynasty
Bill Collett
Bill Collett, 2010 and below,
Senior Picture