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Photo taken on the side of Bellaire High, Spring 1960

In looking back and thinking about my life, I realize more than ever what
a really fun life we have had!  God has blessed us richly!   We have
lived on four continents (South America; North America; Africa; and
Norway; and Copenhagen, Denmark and have had many wonderful
travel experiences.

I met my husband, Norman, at Sam Houston my freshman year. He grew
up in Venezuela and I was immediately attracted to his zest for travel and
total zest for life! I wrote in my diary after our first date, "I had a date
tonight with my future husband!!" (Good thing he didn't know that!!)  We
married, after a year engagement, my junior year, and will celebrate 47
years of marriage this December 27th.  It has really been a trip!!  

Norman has been in the oilfield as a fluids engineer most of our married
life. We have three wonderful daughters, Amy, Susan and Lara. Amy
was 2 when we moved to South America and Susan was born in
Venezuela. Lara was born while we lived in Africa, but I came back to
Houston to have her. (Wised up about
Virgil Rambo

After Bellaire, I earned an undergraduate
degree at Tulane University and a law
degree at the University of Texas.  After law
school, I joined the Army and volunteered for
infantry duty in the Republic of Vietnam.  
I was severely injured on July 30, 1969.  
Since then I have used crutches to walk,
and have had other adverse results of my
injury. After Vietnam,  I was not sure what
I would do with my life, but I decided to live
one day at a time, and I have been quite
happy with my life.  And that is what counts!!

After Vietnam, I worked in the areas of law
and economics, originally in Texas, then in
Washington,  D. C.  I retired in May, 2000
and returned to my home town Houston  in
July, 2000.

Since my retirement, I have caught up with
the reading and travelling which I was not
able to do earlier in life.  I have always
enjoyed history and over the last decade
have read extensively in the histories of
Great Britain, France, the Roman Empire
and the Byzantine Empire. I have travelled
through the Deep South and through the
Great Plains, and frequently have returned
to New Orleans, where I attended
undergraduate school. Frankly, when I was
a student at Tulane, I did not have the
money to do many of the things in the
Crescent City for which it is justly famous,
and now that I can, I have  found that they
are a lot of fun!

I have had severe health problems since
2006, and have been forced to cut back a
lot on my travelling, but I still enjoy reading,
thank goodness!  And I plan to do a lot

Nancy Mason Shaheen
Virgil and his Two Favorite Legal

As far as what I have been doing since
Bellaire days, I went to the University of
Oklahoma for 4 years and after graduation I
took a commission in the U.S. Marine Corps
as a 2nd Lt. I spent the next 3 ½ years on
active duty with one tour in Viet Nam. I left
the Marines as a Captain in 1968 and went
to work for Merrill Lynch in Dallas . After 41
years, I’m still here in Dallas at Merrill but
with plans to retire in November this year.

I got married in 1963 before my senior year
at OU and we are still together.  We have
two children a son, Greg now 41 and he
works with me at Merrill, and a daughter,
Erin, who is married with 3 children. Both
Greg and Erin live in Dallas very close to us.
We have 5 grandchildren. You can see how
very blessed we are!! Email:

(Billy didn't mention it in his write-up but he's
actually Vice President and Senior Financial
Consultant at Merrill Lynch.  Gail
Billy "Beeb" Rhodes
I am in Houston at an apt. near Kirby and N.
Braeswood.  Happily single after a marriage from hell.  
Still celebrating the divorce!  Retired from Norton Ditto
Clothing after 19 years due to 6 back surgeries.   I'm
just a nice guy trying to pay bills and be kind to animals
and decent people.  I run from jerks.  Don't need
them.  Never did. Had a blind date yesterday
afternoon---reconfirms my elation in being single. In
other words, not a love connection. Hope you don't
mind my questionable humor.
Larry Nordyke                            Roy Bobo
Larry Sartorius
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