70th Birthday Party   
    May, 2012
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Wow, for the first time since
high school, Warren Dilliard
came to a BHS Party! We hope
you'll come back again.  
Photo by Gail
John Hartman, Joy Blythe, Larry Allen,
Becky Cook,. Larry Scalise
Photo provided by Becky Cook
Our Leader, Roy Bobo
 Photo by Rusty Scholl
Jan Carruthers, Mopsy Smithers.
Photo by Gail
Johnny McHatton
Photo by Gail
Olga Heizer, Ben Coatsworth
Photo by Gail
Joanne Hedges, Sherri Marcus
Photo by Gail
Judye Galeener,
Elizabeth White
Photo by Gail
Rachel Merriman, Jay Cohen,
Stanley Kaufman  
Photo by Gail
Carolyn Wukman
Photo by Roy Bobo
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Alan Coffey, Pat Wiper
Photo by Gail
Merle Silverstein and husband Bill
Photo by Gail
Larry Scalise and wife Joan
Photo by Gail
Photo by Gail
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