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Carolyn Moonen,       
July 14, 2014
Bill Thomas
 August 1, 2014 New    
  Braunsfel, TX

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Tom Dennis and wife Pat
Thanks to our own Sherlock Holmes, Jane
Henson Russell
, we now have one of our
Lost Sheep back in the fold,
Tom Dennis.
Jane was so dogged in her determination to
find our lost classmate, she resorted to
knocking on doors to find the illusive Tom!  
Who knew he and his wife had been sailing
coastal waters on his beautiful boat for 20
years! To quote Katherine Hepburn talking
to Cary Grant in the movie, The
Philadelphia Story, "The boat was
yar"! See
below for Tom's write up about his
adventurous life!  
Marcia's chidlren: daughter Jennifer,
John and grandaughter Anna.
Ellen Lilly and husband Brian King whooping it up in the Big Apple where they are
now living! Looks like they still know how to party!
Ellen writes, "Brian and I are
living in Manhattan for over three years now and having a great time."

Note: Do you know that these classmates also live in NYC: Susan Qualtrough, Ed
Glass and Stephanie Gordon?
I'm going to email each one of you with the others'
address so maybe you all can get together for coffee somewhere! And . . . take
pictures so I can put them on the website!  Gail
Email Ellen:

I'm living in Wimberley Texas.  Retired from UT
several years ago and I'm mainly involved in volunteer
work.  My main passion is the
that I run here in Wimberley to make sure that
our community feral cats aren't providing us with
unwanted or unloved kittens, and that they have rabies
shots and antibiotics if they are sick.  I'm also the music
librarian for our community chorus, volunteer cashier at
the Village Thrift store which benefits local non-profits,
and past president of the PAWS animal shelter.

I've just taken a position as a diet coach for the Ideal
Protein program here which has been very successful in
helping people to lose weight and get healthier.  And, I
have a wonderful granddaughter, Anna, just 20 minutes
away in San Marcos.  My daughter Jennifer adopted her
from Guatemala 7 years ago.  She is 8 now and the light
of our lives.  All in all a full and happy life.  Email
Rountree Sanderson:

TOM DENNIS: After I graduated from Bellaire HS, I began my
college education at Texas Tech
.  After military service I completed
my education at the University of Houston. After a couple of years, I
and several others formed our own company manufacturing
instrumentation for the oil industry.  In the early 70's, I met my wife, Pat,
and we were married in '78.  

Pat and I decided not to take the usual route and raise a family.  We
chose adventure instead and saved up to retire early.  I retired in '89,
Pat following 3 1/2 years later.  In 1980 we purchased a sailboat,
which was also our weekend home and our vacation house.  We sold
our condo and moved aboard
Swan in 1993.  We spent the next years
equipping her for cruising and in 1997 we left Clear Lake and began to
make our way east visiting many interesting places along the way.  Two
years later we ended up in central Florida which became our home
base.  We sailed up and down the east coast to the Chesapeake and
back numerous times.  Also we took in the Bahamas for a beautiful
change of scenery.

Time was taking a toll on Pat's joints and we decided we needed a
place on land.  We had lived on the sailboat for almost 20 years and
buying and moving into a house was a big difference.  We had no
furniture and found ourselves "camping out" in our lovely townhouse.  
We did have a bed though and little by little the house became ours.  
Our future plans include more travel, this time by car or plane.  We
would like to see the many places we were unable to visit by boat.
Currently, they are living in Indian Harbour Beach, just across the
Indian River from
Melbourne, Florida.   Email Tom and Pat:
NOTE From Gail: Do you know that Tex Cowart (
lives in Melbourne also?!!
Charles Bleil and wife Susan

I am now retired from the state and federal
judiciaries and mostly enjoying life.  Susan and
I stay busy part-time lawyering and messing
around, keeping up with our 22 year old, a
student at Washington State College (yes,
that's right), and anything else that seems fun.

Professionally, I sit as a Texas visiting
judge--like a substitute teacher--in any Texas
courts that'll have me, serve as a Special
Master in federal courts when asked, serve as
an Umpire in property valuation disputes, and
currently serve as an arbitrator in a civil
matter.  In other words, I do whatever I am
asked to do.  The bad aspect is that at times I
want more work; the good is that I thoroughly
enjoy whatever I do.

Charles and Susan live in Ft. Worth.

The Big 70
A Short Film
 by Gail Reaben   
click here: YouTube
70th Still  
Party, 2012
Judie Oldsen at the Ladies
Luncheon, May 2014 email:
Judye Galeener and Kathy Peabody at the Ladies Luncheon,
May, 2014 at Christie's Seafood. Judye has already told us that our
55th Reunion is coming up next year and wants us to save the date
-- March, 2015 -- and that she still needs volunteers!  Judye:
L/R: Police Chief Todd Radford,
Jacquie "Sue Ann" Banks, Officer
Eric Barto.
Jacquie "Sue Ann" Banks
has just completed an intense 14 week
Citizens Certification program with the
Lakeway, Texas Police Department! According
to Jacquie, it was THE most fun ever as she
learned Fingerprinting, Interrogation, and even
how to Shoot.

The most exciting part was that she got to ride
along, for two nights on a 6-10 pm shift, in the
police car doing 180's with sirens a'goin' for
real events. Quite an adrenelin rush she said!  
In addition to selling Real Estate, she also
attends City Council Meetings and volunteers
at City Hall.  She's waiting for the next Police
certification which will allow her to Patrol, for

And how are we spending our senior years?!!!
 Jacquie can be contacted at:  
To read more about her police training and
click here:

Rode 150 Miles
for the
2014 !!!

Tom Newell
"Here's a pic taken
after I finished the
Texas MS 150 mile
bike ride from
Houston to Austin.
an annual ride for
charity benefiting
research into cures for
Multiple Sclerosis. 80
miles the first day to La
Grange and 70 miles
the second day from La
Grange to Austin.
Whew !!!"

"It has to be one of the
largest, if not THE
largest, rides with about
13,000 riders. And it
raises millions of dollars
for the National Multiple
Sclerosis Society."

Email Tom:
Boys: Charles Bleil, Albert
Girls: Lyndel Ankenman,
Judy Stratinger
Calling all Prom Pictures!
Dig through your old boxes and
find your Prom pics with you or
other classmates -- in your
house or at the prom or any
place that weekend! This is
going to be fun. Send to me:  Thanks, Gail
                If you're travelling this
summer, be sure to look at the Meet
Up Pages to see if a classmate lives
there! If you see a classmate, email me
and I'll send you their email address!
Links to the Meet Up Page are at
bottom of this page.
I wonder if Tom
ever said:  "Note to
Self -- One day I'll
marry the love of
my life, live on a
sailboat and go  
wherever the wind
takes us?"
            MAC DAVIS
          and wife Maxine
Mac says, "I have been retired for almost 14 years
from the University of Texas Medical School in
Houston where I obtained my PhD and served as
an Associate Professor. My wife Maxine and I have
been married for 45 years. We have 2 daughters
and 4 grandchildren with one more on the way.