The Big 70
 A Short Film
    by Gail Reaben
Bellaire High School
Class of 1960
It was a very good year
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Carol Artz, Bob Jarrard,
Suzanne Vale Jarrard,
George Wolff, Matzo Ball
Meta Strauss, Martha

Lou Jean Campbell, Judy
Ryals, Steve Mitchell,
Reva Aronson
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Albert Lowey-Ball
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The summer, 2012 page with:
Judye Galeener, Brad McWilliams,
Sherry Roth, Joan Soenlein, Kay
Clouse, Sheila Branscum, Maura

June Smith, Tom Newell, Linda
Collins,  Jay Walrath, Robert Finley,
Trish Smith and Gail Reaben, can be
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TOP/ Down:
Martha Hooper, Martha
Hooper, Gail Reaben, Roy
Bobo; Kay Clouse, Pat
Wiper; Nancy Guillot,
Linda Bunn, Kay
Wadsworth, Chuck
Larry Nordyke, Ann Cleary,
David Berg promoting his new book,
Run, Brother Run
. If you haven't read it
yet, it's available at any bookstore or I know David would love to
hear any comments you have on his
exciting new book:
Kinky Friedman, David Berg
From 60 Miinutes television show,
Steve Kroft, David Berg, Morley
Cinda Hunnicutt and Pat Erwin, who both look like they are no older
than 40 years old
, at the Christmas Luncheon!
Dustin Kaufman, Stanley Kaufman's super  
talented son, got his undergraduate degree from
The New School, his Master of Musice from the
Manhattan School of Music and his Master of
Education from Columbia University. He recently
signed with the hot band,
St. Lucia, recently seen
on the Jimmy Kimmel Show. They will be doing a
world tour this year! To see a 30 sec clip of him
Click Here.  Notice the squealing
females in the background! His first published music
critic reviewer called him "Phenomenal"! Also he is
on the Rolling Stone Magazine's website. Stanley's
email is

We are so happy to announce the        
marriage this past summer of our         
adopted 1961 Class friends:

       Robert Finley
   Diann McCormick

The wedding was officiated by the wife of
Chris Finley, the son of Beth Barnes
Finley ('61), Robert's former wife who
passed away some time back.

Robert said that with the exception of a
Houston temperature of 106 and air
conditioning that went out, it was a perfect
wedding! He said that's why they appear a
bit wilted. The the joy and happiness was
so enormous, no one noticed. BTW,
Robert and Diann have known each other
since the second grade.
Robert's email:

Back Row:  Dylan Boyce, Taylor Weaver,
Middle Row:
 Elissa Boyce, Alli Weaver,
Lauren Finley,
Diann, Katelynn Duane,
Zach Duane, Ben Finley                
Bottom Row: Lucas & Virginia Finley
Christmas 2013 Luncheon
It was a huge success and a great
turnout, thanks to the organizing
skills of Judye Galeener and Jane
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Jari Kendall, Elizabeth White, Pat Orr, Tom Raguse,
Marty Hooper, Glynn Dyess, Barbara Tucker, Helaine
Wayne, Mopsy Smithers, Clint Morrow . . . .

. . . . Delia Lloyd, Diana Lloyd, Linda Collins, Gene
Dunks, Jane Henson, Pat Mc Carroll,l Gary Kott, Lucina
Hunnicutt, Linda Schnatterer, Cynthia Fulton, Beth
Breedlove, Click here or on a photo below:
   click here: YouTube

Lost Memories

Getting older with dusty and
fading memories, I realize that
there are some things about high
school that I can't remember!
Maybe the same thing has
happened to you and you just
need a few details to bring them
back to life.

Here's my
Lost Memory and I
hope some one can help me!
It's about the
Senior Prom. I went  
Mike Kelly ('61) -- we were
going steady.

Our Prom was at Sylvan Beach,
right? And there was an orchestra
with the name of ____? I
remember many details such as
my green and white polka dot silk
tulle dress from Sakowitz, my
dyed to match shoes from Bakers
in Meyerland and the orchid
corsage Mike gave me. I must
have floated to the Prom in that
ether of young love as that's about
the extent of detail I remember!

It seems like it was evening when
we left the house. But I also
remember some kind of picnic
and this obviously doesn't jive with
an evening dance!!! So maybe
the picnic was the previous day?

Does anyone remember who
Mike and I double date with or did
we go by ourselves?!!!.

After the prom was over, I do
remember several of us driving to  
Galveston for the rest of the night.  
Who did we go with? Was it
Wiper and Dave Stiles
or did
Marty and her date meet us down
there or did she even go with us? I
know one of you holds the key to
memory of that evening, so please
help my brain!
My email is: Thanks, Gail

What do you remember about the
Senior Prom? Or another event?
Would you like a brain-helper
too?!! If so,  email me and I'll post
your memory search!  Gail   
Dick Hanson ('59) and wife Kathy on the same Cancun,
Cozumel, Belize cruise last Spring! FYI, she and Jane
Henson have been friends since the first grade!
Claire Shirley ('59) and her friend Roberto Olvera on
the Crown Princess to Cancun, Belize and Cozumel.
Our classes are a traveling bunch! Here's Marty Hooper
and husband Les
at the Excelsior Hotel in Rome where they
stopped on their Oceania Cruise of Lisbon, Portugal,  
Florence, Monte Carlo, Marseille, Barcelona, and Cartagena,
thru the Strait of Gibraltar.
Jane Henson and A.C. Campbell
aboard the Crown Princess on a cruise to
Cancun, Cozumel and Belize, by the Class
of 1959 last Spring. More pics below!
Jimmy Treybig ('59) and wife Drew on the Crown
Princess Cruise to Cancun Cruise and other fun
A. C. Campbell, Joel Battle and wife Judy in

Carl Lee Harris 2/4/14
Wonderful friends who passed
away in 2013 or before.
Sue Riley
Herbe Grebe
Archie Wayne Harrison
Marvin Levy
Jon W. Terrell
Linda Long Wiley  
Doyle Yancey  Engler
Judy Bob Wight
Jan Stevens
Martin Levy
Please see Cardinals in Heaven
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classmates who have passed away.
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Alumni & Friends of Bellaire HIgh
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raise money for scholarships: April
21, 2014 Monday at the Sugarcreek
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