Big Cutters Reunion 2014
         Sonoma, California, where Meta Strauss lives!
Bellaire High School
Class of 1960
It was a very good year
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      Mac Davis
             and wife Maxine
Mac says, "I have been retired for almost 14 years from the University of
Texas Medical School in Houston where I obtained my PhD and served as
an Associate Professor. My wife Maxine and I have been married for 45
years. We have 2 daughters and 4 grandchildren with one more on the way.
You can reach Mac, who lives in Austin:

In the October 20, 2014 issue of the Wall
Street Journal
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Lacy. Click WSJ In the June, 2014 issue
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Lacy! Click Here!
Lacy Hunt

A Few Things I Did and Some People
I Met After Leaving BHS

My Education
After graduating from BHS, I went to Sewanee where I graduated with a degree in
economics.  Then I entered the MBA program at Wharton.  After finishing at Wharton I was
a University Fellow in Economics at the Fox School of Temple University. This covered my
tuition in the doctoral program and provided me with a $300 a month tax-free stipend, a
very generous sum for the late 1960s.  My professors recommended me to the Director of
Athletics and I earned another $1000 a year tutoring the athletes.  While these sums are
minimal by today’s standards, I was flush with cash.  I completed my Ph.D. within 8 ½ years
of leaving Sewanee.  

My Work
I have now been with Hoisington Investment Management Company for 18 years, where I
participate in the management of more than $5 billion of institutional fixed income funds.  
My career included stops at some of the most powerful financial institutions of the world,
including the US Federal Reserve, Chase Manhattan Bank, and the HSBC Group.  

During my career, I authored two books, and numerous articles in leading magazines,
periodicals and scholarly journals, including Barron’s, The Wall Street Journal, The New
York Times, the
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   Percine Arthur  
I am single and have two married sons and three grandchildren.  I
moved out of Houston in early 2003 to Austin, where my younger son
and his family live.  I am still a practicing dental hygienist and worked
there for 8 years for the same dentist.  In 2011, I moved to Springtown
(pop. 2789; 35 miles NW of Ft. Worth) where my older son and his
family live.  I live in a rural area on 3 acres.

I am currently working two days a week in Ft. Worth and really enjoy my
job.  On my days off I tend to my big yard, am active in my church, do
things with my daughter-in-law and granddaughter who is 21, and visit
my 11 year old granddaughter in Austin 4-5 times a year. I have many
fond memories of BHS days.
Patsy Olson
and husband Jerry
Three generations together sharing one surf board in
the Gulf - Charlotte Ridley, my daughter, Sara Dessens,
my granddaughter (my son's daughter} and then I. The
picture was taken about 4 years ago while Charlotte
came from her home in Wisconsin for a visit in 2010,  
not that long ago. We always, always have fun on the
beach. We play 'softball', for Charlotte has 2 sons and
then Thomas, Sara's brother.  I am the designated
pitcher and the summer fun begins. My home is now in
Galveston where I have enjoyed working, playing and
gardening since 2003.
Carolyn Wukman
    Allen Israel
Allen didn't send a current picture so I'm using one of
him singing in "Meet Me in St. Louis".

Here is what I have been doing since retiring in March:
1) History classes at Univ of Memphis
2) Next semester beginning soon another history
course plus a Theater course
3)Fly fishing twice
4) some travel
5) teaching kids for Bar and Bat Mitzvah
6) working out almost daily in the gym
7) tons of reading
8) catching up on all kinds of projects

And looking for more stuff to do! I am considering
coming in March for the reunion.
Jayne Jones
Passed away September 11, 2014

A Memory of Jayne
by Roy Bobo

My first and best memory of Jayne
happened our first day at Pershing.  I was
one nervous new seventh grader, seeing
all those "new" kids.   Then I ran into Joel
Battle in our homeroom,   He was
''chirping and burping'', one of my Dad's
favorite expressions, just as always, as if
being a brand new seventh grader were
no big deal to him.   

In our first class out in the shacks, Civics,
the teacher who was from Smithville,
Texas, had each kid stand up and
introduce themselves.  After Jayne
introduced herself, the teacher -- whose
name has long been forgotten -- said very
loudly...."Ahhh, Jayne Jones, the
All-American girl".  

She was truly a beauty, and all of us guys
just gaga over her, including the teacher
who must've been at least 30.   I
remember that as though it were
yesterday.   I often forget what I wanted in
the living room, but I'll never forget that
morning in Civics class, some sixty long
years ago.   Roy
L/R: First Row: Diane Johnso, Meta Strauss, Drew Treybig,
Second Row: Brian Shephard Johnson, Dick Hanson, Weldon Morgan,
Jimmy Treybig.
Back Row Kathie Hanson, Nancy Morgan

Mike Fern
March 22, 2015

Carl Mitchell
February, 2015

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Ace photographer Brian Johnson and his pal Cutter,
Dick Hanson.
Emails: and
Dick Hanson, Brian
Johnson, Weldon
in Sonoma
Meta Strauss.
Marion Kaplan and Leah Hart.
Mark Twain Elementary School,
5th Grade. This photo and all the
old elementary school pictures
you see on this page are
provided by Jane Henson Russell.  
Thank you Jane!
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Stories Continued
10.  Tom Dennis, Marcia
Rountree, Tom Newell, Charles
Bleil,  Ellen Lilly, Jacquie "Sue
Ann" Banks, Judye Galeener,
Judie Olsen, and Kathy Peabody.
Becky Cook, Mark Twain

Two closest to fish tank, Left: Unknown_??, Right:
Fred Hester. Behind them: Richard Stampp, Rick Lozo,
Mark Twain Elementary
, 5th Grade  Email: Jane Henson
Jane Henson and Johnny
Mark Twain Elementary.
Thank you, Jane for all the great
old school pictures!
5th Grade Photo
of Mark Twain

provided by
Henson Russell
To see super large
picture of it,
Click on Photo.
Our 55th Class Reunion
     Save the Date!
  March 20-22, 2015
Photo by Patty

The Cutters: The 50's
Barbara McClean Commee and husband
Bill ('58) at the '59 Class Reunion this
Jari Kendall
A.C. Campbell and Jane Henson Russell
Gail Reaben
Jim Friou ('59) and Melinda McDaniel Friou
The Class of 1959 held their 55th
this month, Ocotober, and
several of us from our class attended
and got our pictures taken at the 21st
Century version of those old 25 cent
photo booths at Woolworths!
My husband, Jerry, and I moved from Houston in 1980,
where I was working for the president of Hudson
Engineering Company, to Raymond, Mississippi. It's a
beautiful little town outside of Jackson and I worked at
Hinds Junior College for the president during our six years
in Mississippi. We had real estate interests in the area and
it was my first time to experience a small town.  I loved it!

In1986 we moved to the Nashville, Tennessee area and I
started working at Vanderbilt within a few months of moving
here. We actually live in Lebanon, Tennessee.  I worked
for the dean of the Medical School for 11 years before
moving over to the university side in 1997.  I’m currently
working as executive assistant to the vice chancellor for
public affairs and have loved every minute of it.  That is
why I have worked for so long.  My husband retired about
four years ago and I just was not ready until now.  We are
looking forward to doing some traveling but I plan to do
what I want, when I want.  I have a stepson, Chris, in Dallas
and a grandson who is 13.  Jerry and I have Tennessee
Walking horses that we keep on our property and I’m
looking forward to spending more time with them.  It is so
hard to believe that 54 years ago I graduated from
Bellaire.  Can that be possible? To contact Patsy: