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It was a very good year
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                    META STRAUSS

We all know her as Bellaire's Cheerleader, Most Typical and
her unofficial title as Cutter Queen and maybe even other
titles I've missed!  All these years later, she's now known as
a published writer! Here's what a P.R. piece says about her:

Meta Strauss is a 1960 BHS grad. She lived in Houston until
2005 when she relocated to Sonoma, California and, as a
hobby, began writing. When some of her fictional pieces
about Texas became popular locally she was encouraged to
write a book. Meta states, "I thought, 'Why not write a book?  
I had no idea how involved writing a novel would be, but by
that time I was so involved with the characters and El Chico I
couldn't stop writing. That's how
Saving El Chico was

"Meta reads her work at local Sonoma events on a regular
basis. Her writing is featured on the Sonoma Writer’s
Alliance web site and her stories have appeared in the
Sonoma Sun Newspaper. Her piece, “A Cinderella Tale” was
included in “Cry of the NIghtbird”, an anthology published by
the California YWCA in support of victims of domestic abuse.
Meta is currently working on a sequel to Saving El Chico.".
To read a Synopsis of the book,
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To order a copy from,
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To read her regular Blog:
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Solo Trip to Barrow, Alaska -- as in by himself to the
most northern point on the whole planet!

I thought I might share with you a Bucket List Item I was able to
check off last June. I flew my Beechcraft Baron to Barrow,
Alaska and back. 8,200 nautical miles over about 10 days of
flying from Houston to Barrow and a few other spots in
Alaska.One of the primary objectives was to fly to Barrow which
is the northernmost airport in the US located well above the
Arctic Circle. One may ask Why? I suppose the best answer is
one Sir Edmund Hillary gave when asked why he climbed Mount
Everest.;Because it was there. I guess it's another way of
saying,Been there, done that, got the T-shirt.

Also got to fly to Kotzebue, Unalakleet, Fairbanks, and
Anchorage. For the television series, Flying Wild Alaska.
Kotzebue and Unalakleet were featured in that series as were
the principal couple Jim and Ferno Tweto. Actually got to meet
them in Unalakleet.
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R O C K  'N'  R O L L I N'  S  E  N  I  O  R  S   


April, 2016, Accepting the Platinum Award for
my documentary film, "Tick Tock Clock" at
Worldfest Film Festival from presenter Katy
Lea Todd.

I finally finished my new documentary-short , Tick
Tock Clock
, about our rock and roll teenage lives in
Bellaire, journeying through time to our 70+ years!
Call it a sequel to Be Bop Babies or as they say now,
it would be the Be Bop Babies' franchise! Between
shooting new footage and  editing process, it took a
full year to make it.. I believe it captures the incredible
innocence and joy of our teen life in the 1950's. My
dream has always been to share our special time and
era with today's generation.The real dream is that our
wonderful teenage life will live on forever for others to

In 2014 I heard that my old house on Sunburst had a
builders sign in front of it -- from Tex Cowart's older
brother Ted -- who happened to drive by the old
neighborhood and called to tell me -- I knew the house
would be torn down pretty quick..  
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Life is good!  My wife, Joyce, and I live in Viera, FL, located on
the central east coast, 15 minutes from the beach.  We can
watch rocket launches from our backyard, and there are six golf
courses within five minutes from our house. Our great passion is
travel and, while we are healthy, we want to take full advantage.  
Last year we went on a 14-day Southern Caribbean cruise, a
17-day Ireland land tour, and Niagara Falls.

My daughter earned her PhD at Univ. of Wisconsin and is an
Assistant Dean at Merrimack College in Andover, MA.  My
granddaughter is in her 2nd year at Tulane.

When not travelling, my typical week is:  2 days at the Health
Club, 3 days of golf, Sunday church and watching Texan
football, as well as one day picking up food for our church Food
Pantry which my wife manages.

I retired in '99 after 18 years selling Yellow Page ads for SW Bell,
Mountain Bell, and Bell South.  It was good timing because
yellow pages are no longer relevant with today's technology.

Paying Hommage to

Ralph passed away in the 1990's.

Just a little over a year ago, I was attending a meeting of the
Bellaire (City of) Historical Society, when I was introduced to a
young man named
Randy McKinney who graduated from BHS
in 2001. When I told him I graduated in 1960, the first thing he
said was, "Did you know Ralph Coatsworth?" My jaw dropped.
Here was someone, 40+ years after we were in school asking me
about Ralph! After composing myself, my response was, "Know
him, he was my first car date!" Its seems Randy was a Bird
Keeper too, like Ralph was, and the legend of Ralph had come
down all these decades from 1960 to Randy's class of 2001!

Randy never met Ralph but he so captured by Ralph's nearly
half-century reputation that he did extensive research on the
history on him and on the Mascot, even documenting it on video.
As an aside, he was actually out in the courtyard with his video
camera the Saturday at Bellaire during our 2000 reunion to talk
and ask questions about Ralph.

I took him to have lunch wit
h Ben Coatsworth (Ralph's brother),
Class of '61, and his family, and Randy recorded his interview
with them.

According to Ben, it was Ralph, who one day, and I'm condensing
the story from more than a year ago, that was talking about how
the school needed a Mascot. Ben thinks he remembers he got
together with the shop teacher to work up a loose design. He got
the Student Council involved and they made the first one out of
paper mache. Ben or some of the other birdkeepers can tell us
more or correct what I've remembered from that lunch a year+

Anyway, after it was built, someone decided it needed a name.
Mr. Andrews announced one morning over the speakers in our
homerooms that every class was to turn in a name for the Bird
and every one would vote on it. I was in Mrs. Dee's homeroom. I
turned in "The Colonel" or "Colonel" and that name was chosen.
There was no prize or even mention I don't think! So, Ralph first
created the Bird and I named it.

Because of Randy's admiration of Ralph, who again he never
met, but so admired, he got the school to have a another smaller
Bird made as a companion to the big Bird. in honor of Ralph
Coatsworth and his contribution to Bellaire High School,. The
school officially named it
Little Ralph.  Now, Ralph will always be
remembered at Bellaire High School and his legend will continue.

Ralph was the greatest friend to Bellaire High School and carried
it's incredible, go-team and spirit wherever he went. That spirit
extended even to the City of Bellaire Water Tower but that's
another story for the Rats and Cutters to write.  While he passed
on many years ago, before the internet and this website, I want to
express our appreciation for his many contributions to our school
and our lives.I feel fortunate that we remained friends until shortly
before he passed away in the 90's. I still miss him, especially
when we have a Bellaire party or reunion! Besides his other
talents he was one heck of a dancer.

His brother Ben's email is:        
From my 13th Birthday Party in the 7th grade. From left to right,
David Everton, Jack Harris, _______Jay Walrath center, Jack
just behind him, Bill Gibson,, Bruce Henderson and
____________.   If you look hard you can see my RCA 45 Record
player just behind David!          GAIL

Taken shortly after the smaller bird was named after Ralph! Note his b/w
photo from high school on the far right!
 Ben Coatsworth ('61), in the white
vest, is just to the left of Ralph's picture.This photo was from 2000 I think. That's
udye Galeener Hartman on the far left in the red shirt. Randy McKinney is
seated just under the "E" in Bellaire. The boys in the blue shirts are
Ralph, Ben and sister Nancy around 7th grade
watching that new fangled gadget, television. That's their
Mom on the back left. Thanks to Nancy for the photo.
At the premiere of Tick Tock Clock at Worldfest
Film Festival, at AMC's Studio 13 Theater:
Marty (Martha) Hooper Greenberg,
Gail, Tom Raguse
Carolyn Wukman and Harold
at 55th Reunion.
Ralph and his wife Pat's beautiful children:
Ralph IV, Cathie Moore, Jimmy Coatsworth

and Ralph's wife,
Lee Trail Lassus and her adorable
Stanley Kaufman has
taken up fishing! He
said, "Caught this at
Hackberry. It weighed 20
pounds and took me 15
minutes to bring it in. I
look like the old man of
the sea.
Meta Strauss, Voted Most
  Ralph with The Colonel
David Everton with wife Florilda
(who passed away this last Dec),  and
Roy Bobo at the Reunion last year.
Olga Heizer Thompson and Steve Mitchell at the 50th
Reunion    Steve: